Monday, February 27, 2017

Living up to Your Privilege

I had to teach a little devotional to some of the older girls in our ward. (16-18) As I pondered what to share with them I felt impressed to discuss with them what it means to live up to your privilege. Joseph Smith talked about this when he first organized the Relief Society. As I discussed this with the young women there were three points I wanted to get across to them.

1. When Satan robs us of our identity we have a hard time living up to our privilege. Like our missionaries who go around with name tags informing everyone what church they represent, I wish I could put name tags on each of our Young Women. It would have their name and a reminder that they are daughters of God. When we forget who we are our self-esteem plummets, we feel undervalued, and we have a hard time living up to our privilege. One of the main things we need to do is somehow constantly remind ourselves who we are!!

2. My second point was how to figure out what our privilege is. In our church there is one goal we have in common-returning to our Heavenly Father. But what else is our purpose down here. We talked about building our relationship with our Heavenly Father and learning how we personally speak with the Holy Ghost. It could be through studying, impressions on our heart or in our minds, words of leaders, visions, dreams, and a number of many other ways that allow us to hear the directions of our father. Patriarchal blessings is one of the best ways to recognize our purpose here on earth and what exactly our privilege is as Daughters of God.

3. Finally we discussed, as we are living up to our privilege, what kind of influence we can have. Whether that is on family, friends, or even boys I tried to make the girls aware of how they can influence for good.

Obviously I can't judge how my teaching came across. But I do know I learned a lot about figuring out what I need to do while I am here.  One thing that really impressed me though was how much our purpose (not our main one) changes while we are down here. For example while I was growing up I knew I really needed to be preparing for the temple. Right now in my life my privilege is being a mother and getting better at that everyday. Making sure I spend time with my children and helping them feel prepared as they go out into the world.

I love the flexibility of the gospel. I have different needs at different times in my life and always I can count on getting answers and direction. What a marvelous thing that is!!

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