Thursday, February 16, 2017

Balcony or Basement

Who doesn't like to go to a play, a concert, a show and escape from reality for a minute? Do you get front row seats, balcony seats, or stay far away in the basement--so to speak? Well there is a book out called balcony people that discusses a concept I'm fascinated with. It's called Positive Affirmations.

I have a son who was coming home daily very depressed. It was wearing on me, on his siblings, and on our whole family. We just want him to be happy. So I sat him down and had a very direct talk with him. I told him a couple of things. Being happy is a choice. If you want to be happy it's something you have to work at it. I can help you, but only if you are really willing to work. I then left for a little while and let him figure out if he really wanted to put in the work to be happy, or if he wanted to continue to be miserable and make everyone else miserable around him in the process. I pointed out that he had started a really bad habit and that it would be easier to stick with that habit, but in the long run it would not make him happy. He eventually decided he was willing to do the work.

One of the many things he is now doing is something called positive affirmations. Here are some of his:
1. Today is going to be the best day yet!
2. I am a Child of God!
3. People like me!

That's it, 3 simple sentences that you say to yourself several times a day. The objective is if you hear things long enough you will start to believe it and start to be that person we are talking about. Going back to the Balcony People book, the people in the balcony are the people who are watching over you and repeating to you positive affirmations. If you are a basement person then you are tearing others down so they will join you in the basement. Do you want to be a builder or a destroyer? The choice is yours, but I have found that it is much more fun to actually be able to see the show, then to be down in the basement and only able to hear bits and pieces.

I hope we all choose to be Balcony people. So go out and positively affirm all the people you see today. Who knows, you may get some positive affirmation back!!

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