Thursday, January 19, 2017

Why I do what I do

I was reading in Doctrine and Covenants today and pondering why we do what we do. Is it for the recognition of the world, or the love we feel for our Heavenly Father? One will give you instant gratification that won't last to long. The other will help you to diligently move forward.

As I've thought about my day and the 100's of loads of laundry I've washed, the gazillion miles of carpet I've vacuumed, the thousands of meals I've prepared I've often asked myself, why the heck am I doing this? Who is really going to care if my carpets are clean, or I have clothes that don't smell like 3 week old sweat (or teenage boy), or that we eat a well balanced meal everyday? Well probably some people around us will be grateful we don't stink, but other than that, we could have cereal every night and most people probably wouldn't bat an eye. In fact some people might think my kids are pretty lucky to have a mom that let's them eat cereal every night.

The Lord has entrusted to me 5 special spirits to clothe, clean, and feed. Am I willing to do all that because I love the Lord? The world is never going to give me props for keeping 5 other people in my household alive (and yes I've included my husband in this because, well... I do his laundry too!!) I will probably never be acknowledged for having carpets that you can sit on, or food that is edible. But the Lord knows everything I am doing, and he is so appreciative that I have decided to show my love to him by loving my family and taking care of them.

I know I will eventually get my rewards, I also know I've already gotten so many. But knowing why I do what I do makes doing what I do seem pretty important. I'm watching over some of his children. I'm a little bit awestruck that the Lord trusts me enough to do that, and yet here I am.

I hope I can remember this as I am doing all those things necessary to run my family and household. Sometimes when we remember why we are doing what we are doing those things don't seem quite so burdensome!!

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