Monday, December 19, 2016


I am full of secrets right now. It's the season. Christmas is coming and everyone has been busy wrapping up those secrets to give to others. I have other secrets as well-all good. They will come out in their due time. I've been thinking about this a lot. The Lord has a ton of secrets. In Deuteronomy he talks about those secrets and how when they are revealed they aren't secret anymore. 

Moses has some of my favorite verses. In Moses 5:6-7 Adam is sacrificing on an altar to the Lord. An angel comes down and asks why he is doing this. Adam says, "I know not save the Lord commanded me." The angel goes on to explain the significance of this sacrifice. It is a truly marvelous purpose and plan. How wonderful that it is no longer a secret, and now Adam knows why. Sometimes I wonder when I will find out my why. Sometimes I get my why in pieces--line upon line, here a little, there a little. Other times it comes gushing through in talks or scripture. But almost ALL of the time I have to wait for it.

Right now I am waiting. Waiting for a lot of my why to be answered. I have a lot of questions, sometimes the same ones over and over, and I'm sure the Lord is a little bit tired of me asking. But one of my fears is that I missed something and because of that my life is taking a different direction than what it is intended. That is when I'm reminded that the Lord would never let that happen. As soon as we start to veer a little, if we are trying with all our might to do what's right, he will steer us back to where we need to be. How I love that the Lord is in charge, even if I don't always know the why. It does stretch my patience and faith, but as I look back my life has done things I never thought were possible. 

It's an exciting time to have a secret, it's an even more wonderful time when that secret is revealed and everyone can partake of it. I'm so thrilled to have the 'secret' of the gospel. It's now my responsibility to share it, to hand it out, to let people in on my secret. Be aware that you hold an amazing secret and we are here to share it. Share how much the Lord loves each one of us individually, share how families can be together forever, share about the wonderful refuge we have from the storms that are coming and swirling all around us. I love this life and am so glad I am part of the 'secret'!!

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