Monday, November 14, 2016

Monday Musings

I had an epiphany this week. I've been trying to decide what to do with this blog since it seems to just be a bunch of random posts. And it probably is for the most part. But I feel like I need to continue doing it. In fact I feel really strongly about that. So for now, I will just be sharing different things each week. I don't know if there will be much rhyme or reason to it, but until I get further direction, it is what it is.

Today's musings are about fitting in. Many youth are shocked to hear that this still matters to adults. In our church, when someone chooses to join it, one thing to help them acclimate and have an enjoyable experience is to have a friend. Usually this is already the case as it's a friend that guides them to the church in the first place. But sometimes it is through other means that people join our religion. How do you make a friend? Well there are several things you can do like be nice, introduce yourself, etc..., but the thing I think we really should be asking ourselves is how can we BE a friend. Too many times I've come into situations where friendships are already established and no matter how hard I try I am not accepted. Now I understand that on some level it is up to me to be friendly, but what if you try and try again and you still feel as if you are thought of last, your are not in on the inside or outside joke, you have tried to compliment, sit next to them, go out of your way to invite them to things, and yet still, you are just an acquaintance. Well I have some ideas for you--

1. You are not alone. Yes you have the Savior as your guide, but look around, I know there is probably at least one other person who feels as you do. Without fail when we cover a topic such as this in Relief Society I am always surprised at the amount of people who feel this exact same way. Figure out who they are and throw a party to help them feel included.

2. Go visiting teaching. Some of my best friends have come from my companionships and the ladies I visit teach. It is no mistake the Lord (and the RS president) puts us with the people they do. Get to know them, take them to lunch, invite them out for a walk, or go help them clean a bathroom.

3. Do your calling. I have made many wonderful friendships in my callings as well. I have one friend who has told me our friendship 'was forged in the fires of girls camp'. How do you like that for a friend?!

4. Prayer for friends. Say what? Heavenly Father wants you to be happy. He is the last person who would want you friendless, feeling helpless and alone. Pray to find a friend!!

I love my life and I love my friends!!