Thursday, September 29, 2016

Want to hear something funny.....?

I was doing so well on my EMBARK, but the Lord likes to make it more perfect for me. It has been made for me. I won't go into the long process it took to get me here, but let me tell you about my five minutes for each letter thing.

E--is still exercise, and it is still just rolling out of bed and jogging down the stairs. When my mind is not awake, as I do choose to embark, then it wanders. Let's be honest, this is not uncommon. So to keep it in place I need to be a little more awake then I would be if I just rolled out of bed!

M--Meditation. If you are LDS this means to pray (seriously, look it up in the topical guide), for others it's ponder, consider, think. I talk to God and let him know what I'm thinking I'm going to do today, and what I might need some strength to get through. You may want to ponder your day and what it holds, what you need to get done, etc...

B--Books. D&C 109:7, "seek ye out the best books" 5 minutes of a good book is awesome. Right now I am reading Elder Bednar's book on loving to learn. Previously I was reading Elder Ballards book about councils. These are some of the best books and there are so many others. In His Steps, What would Jesus do, is another one of my favorites and not by an LDS author.

A--agenda, this is where you calendar your day. Plan it out, and then look at it. Here is my downfall, I'm so good about planning it that I forget to take a look throughout the day. I can't tell you how many times I go back, at the end of the day, and realize I missed an easy task that would have taken 2 minutes to accomplish and made someone's day. DON'T DO THAT.

R--recommit. The Lord spoke to me one day as I was studying my scriptures. I was reading 1 Corinthians 7:2-3 and pondering how to live a benevolent life. Being benevolent is so many things, all of them good, but it takes work to be that kind of person. I realized I have to recommit each day to be that person. To recommit I take 5 minutes and think about the tasks to accomplish that day, the places I have to be, and the people I may be around and recommit to being the best me when I do those things. It's a visual process. I also have to be ready for the unexpected to happen and visualize how I will act, or react when something gets thrown in my way that is so very unexpected. Recommit EVERYDAY to be that person. It takes work, but in the end it is so worth it!

K--finally that keep a journal thing comes into play. After I've done the first 5 things it goes without saying that sometimes I am prompted to change my day some, to run an errand for the Lord, or I am enlighten by something I read. That journal is always handy to record those thoughts. I read a story once about a mother entering the room of her son.  He had done some things that weren't producing his best self, and the mother was there to offer advice on how to become happier and better. The son immediately took out a notebook and started writing. The mother asked what he was doing and the son replied he was taking notes to make sure he could go back, reread her words, and remember what she said and how to incorporate those into his life. Touched the mother was more than happy to share even more words of wisdom. How does God feel, when giving us these inspiring thoughts or feelings, and we choose to write them down and to remember them, incorporate them, and go back and ponder them? In my mind I can imagine that He will be even more inclined to continue giving us that inspiration. And oh what a sacred thing this is!

This is my half hour of the day. I am a work in progress, so I am still working on it, and occasionally I will tweak it. But boy does it start my day off right! Everyday I am ready to EMBARK!