Thursday, January 14, 2016

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I've been wanting to do this for a long time. I finally read an article and felt inspired to get back to business. I have a lot to say, but it mostly stays in my head. It makes me giggle out loud so I thought I'd share some of the entertainment that is going on up there!!

Joy is the theme for today, and finding it always. This summer and fall we finished up quite a few extracurriculars (including my graduation from BYU). Now I've been home praying to know what is next. I've been inspired with a few things, but really finding Joy in my situation right now is the focus. (I could go on a whole other rant with the word focus) Mostly Joy in my children. I will lose them all in the next 6 years. I haven't even hit 40 yet and already I'm starting to feel the empty nester stage. There are some nights where it's just the hubby and I.

So as with all things it is the small and simple things that bring about the great. To find Joy I look to the small and simple things. Since I'm a list maker I put it down in my trusty handy notebook the things that bring me Joy that day. I'll give you one--my daily calendar. I received one of those 365 day calendars that you tear off. Mine is Happiness is... and it shows a picture of something that brings me happiness. Today it happens to be balloons. But my favorite so far has been finding the perfect pair of jeans.

What brings you joy? What is a small and simple thing that puts a smile on your face? Really you could sum up this post with two words--Find Joy!

My Family-My Joy