Sunday, March 18, 2012

"Where are you Christmas?"

"Why can't I find you..." I love this song because it talks about us growing up, and yet still having the Christmas spirit.  Christmas in our home is just awesome.  It makes me so excited to come in and see stuff under the tree.  I if I had my way we would shut ourselves up all of December in our house and just celebrate all month.  Since Christmas was on a Sunday this year, we wrote Santa a letter and asked him to come Saturday morning.  It worked and he came.  Before we have Christmas we have the dollar store tradition.  The kids buy everyone gifts at the dollar store.  Every day one of them passes out their gifts and we open them.  This starts four days before Christmas and we draw names to see who goes first.  They also get to open one gift under the tree for them.  Usually it's a movie, so we can start watching those early.  Here was our week of Christmas...
Nate starting to pass out his gifts on his day.
Our yearly pajama tradition. This was Friday night, two days before the 25th.
We also opened marshmallow guns at Grandma's house and had a huge marshmallow fight. Tons of fun.
Our Christmas morning (Saturday). It was so fun to open stuff this day and actually play with it. We didn't have to leave to go to church.
This is out of order, but we had our Funk Christmas extra early. It actually started our week off. It was the only time most of the family could be together. We skyped Jon, Lauren, and Ryan in.
The Funk Family Christmas started the festivities, but the Brueck Family Christmas ended them. Our last present opening was on Saturday afternoon. A whole week of Christmas. One of the best ones yet! So to answer the where are you Christmas question--in our house it's all month!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ho Ho Ho

"Who wouldn't go...." So for Halloween every year someone does this ghost thing where they make a plate of goodies, put it on your doorstep with a cute story about a ghost and how you need to do that to two other houses. You then put the ghost up in your window so you don't get anymore treats. It's called being "Boo-ed". Well one year we were "Boo-ed", I didn't get the sign up fast enough, and the very next day we were "Boo-ed" again. Well the next year our doorbell rang again, this time there were goodies, but no sign. I wasn't sure if we were really "Boo-ed" or not, so I didn't do anything. There happened to be a pretty good wind that night, so I think the sign blew away. Eventually we were "Boo-ed so I did hang the sign up. Well this year we were "Boo-ed" again. This time the ghost sign read, "Please make sure you hang the sign up in your window right away, so we won't hit you twice."   I'm pretty sure they had heard the story of our Booing fiasco. Well it doesn't stop there.....

So for Christmas someone decided to do the same concept. Instead of being "Boo-ed", you were "Ho, Ho, Ho'ed" I"m sorry, but that makes me laugh to say it out loud. Well I was very good this year, as soon as we got our sign I hung it up in the window. Well it didn't work! The very next night we were "Ho, Ho, Ho-ed" again, even with the sign up. Oh well, at least all the goodies were yummy!