Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Other Side, The Other Side

The Other Side of ME....So I have an alter ego. After this post, you may think I'm even a little mental. I believe, if I wasn't who I am today, then in another life I would have been an evil mastermind. Sometimes I work on my evil laugh. Sometimes I even work on my evil plots. I wouldn't have been a "take over the world I want to be all powerful evil genius"--I'm too genius for that! I would have been a what can I manipulate you to do that makes me laugh out loud. (with my evil laugh of course). Sometimes I think my alter-ego shows herself. You know when I'm yelling at the kids, when I really want to karate chop my husband (as an evil genius I wouldn't be too keen on the use of guns, so I think I would know karate), or when I'm yelling(in my head of course) at the guy in front of me who is going 20 miles an hour in a 45 mile an hour zone. I would imagine I would have a different name as well. Dave and I were brainstorming evil women names this morning. Not very likeable--Malificient, Ursula, Cruella De Ville. Sometimes they don't even have a name just a title--the Snow Queen, The Evil Queen, The Mayor. I decided I would probably settle on Catherine. She's not really evil, but she does try to manipulate people so she can have her way. I know you probably think I'm way off topic on this one, but I promise I'm not.

In December I was up at BYU on a date with my better half and a few friends. I was standing in line at Taco Bell at the cougareat. You know the place where there are a ton of students eating lunch for the day. It was busy, and they thought it would be cool to call orders up by Christmas songs instead of by your name or a number. So when your order came up they would sing your favorite Christmas song they asked you for. All these cute 20 somethings were choosing Silent Night, Oh Come All Ye Faithful, Hark the Herald Angels Sing. BLAH!!! How incredibly boring!! After about 20 of those and a few orders I was up. I gave them my order, then they asked--What Christmas song do you want us to sing? Well that's when Catherine came out--She thought I can make them do my bidding bwahahahaha! So Catherine sweetly replied--"Santa Baby".

They did sing it. It made me giggle, and them totally uncomfortable.

Now after all this, aren't you glad I'm one of the good guys--hehehehe!