Friday, September 28, 2012

Instead of playing catch-up....

I thought I'd just randomly post what we did this year. You may get it in order, you may not. Here's a little fiasco that happened a while back. I was innocently loading the dishwasher--being the good little housewife I am. We were out of dish detergent, so I went down and grabbed the next one. I poured the soap in, turned it on, and walked out of the kitchen. A few minutes later I hear someone yell, "Mom there is soap coming out of the dishwasher.

Who knew that the dish detergent and laundry detergent from costco look exactly the same except the lid is a different color. At this point I wasn't sure what to do, since the soap had completely dissolved. I think I did what anyone in my circumstances would have done. I closed up the dishwasher, let it run it's cycle while bubbles poured out everywhere, and went shoe shopping until it was finished. And let me tell you, I got a couple of cute pairs of shoes!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

"Where are you Christmas?"

"Why can't I find you..." I love this song because it talks about us growing up, and yet still having the Christmas spirit.  Christmas in our home is just awesome.  It makes me so excited to come in and see stuff under the tree.  I if I had my way we would shut ourselves up all of December in our house and just celebrate all month.  Since Christmas was on a Sunday this year, we wrote Santa a letter and asked him to come Saturday morning.  It worked and he came.  Before we have Christmas we have the dollar store tradition.  The kids buy everyone gifts at the dollar store.  Every day one of them passes out their gifts and we open them.  This starts four days before Christmas and we draw names to see who goes first.  They also get to open one gift under the tree for them.  Usually it's a movie, so we can start watching those early.  Here was our week of Christmas...
Nate starting to pass out his gifts on his day.
Our yearly pajama tradition. This was Friday night, two days before the 25th.
We also opened marshmallow guns at Grandma's house and had a huge marshmallow fight. Tons of fun.
Our Christmas morning (Saturday). It was so fun to open stuff this day and actually play with it. We didn't have to leave to go to church.
This is out of order, but we had our Funk Christmas extra early. It actually started our week off. It was the only time most of the family could be together. We skyped Jon, Lauren, and Ryan in.
The Funk Family Christmas started the festivities, but the Brueck Family Christmas ended them. Our last present opening was on Saturday afternoon. A whole week of Christmas. One of the best ones yet! So to answer the where are you Christmas question--in our house it's all month!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ho Ho Ho

"Who wouldn't go...." So for Halloween every year someone does this ghost thing where they make a plate of goodies, put it on your doorstep with a cute story about a ghost and how you need to do that to two other houses. You then put the ghost up in your window so you don't get anymore treats. It's called being "Boo-ed". Well one year we were "Boo-ed", I didn't get the sign up fast enough, and the very next day we were "Boo-ed" again. Well the next year our doorbell rang again, this time there were goodies, but no sign. I wasn't sure if we were really "Boo-ed" or not, so I didn't do anything. There happened to be a pretty good wind that night, so I think the sign blew away. Eventually we were "Boo-ed so I did hang the sign up. Well this year we were "Boo-ed" again. This time the ghost sign read, "Please make sure you hang the sign up in your window right away, so we won't hit you twice."   I'm pretty sure they had heard the story of our Booing fiasco. Well it doesn't stop there.....

So for Christmas someone decided to do the same concept. Instead of being "Boo-ed", you were "Ho, Ho, Ho'ed" I"m sorry, but that makes me laugh to say it out loud. Well I was very good this year, as soon as we got our sign I hung it up in the window. Well it didn't work! The very next night we were "Ho, Ho, Ho-ed" again, even with the sign up. Oh well, at least all the goodies were yummy!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Other Side, The Other Side

The Other Side of ME....So I have an alter ego. After this post, you may think I'm even a little mental. I believe, if I wasn't who I am today, then in another life I would have been an evil mastermind. Sometimes I work on my evil laugh. Sometimes I even work on my evil plots. I wouldn't have been a "take over the world I want to be all powerful evil genius"--I'm too genius for that! I would have been a what can I manipulate you to do that makes me laugh out loud. (with my evil laugh of course). Sometimes I think my alter-ego shows herself. You know when I'm yelling at the kids, when I really want to karate chop my husband (as an evil genius I wouldn't be too keen on the use of guns, so I think I would know karate), or when I'm yelling(in my head of course) at the guy in front of me who is going 20 miles an hour in a 45 mile an hour zone. I would imagine I would have a different name as well. Dave and I were brainstorming evil women names this morning. Not very likeable--Malificient, Ursula, Cruella De Ville. Sometimes they don't even have a name just a title--the Snow Queen, The Evil Queen, The Mayor. I decided I would probably settle on Catherine. She's not really evil, but she does try to manipulate people so she can have her way. I know you probably think I'm way off topic on this one, but I promise I'm not.

In December I was up at BYU on a date with my better half and a few friends. I was standing in line at Taco Bell at the cougareat. You know the place where there are a ton of students eating lunch for the day. It was busy, and they thought it would be cool to call orders up by Christmas songs instead of by your name or a number. So when your order came up they would sing your favorite Christmas song they asked you for. All these cute 20 somethings were choosing Silent Night, Oh Come All Ye Faithful, Hark the Herald Angels Sing. BLAH!!! How incredibly boring!! After about 20 of those and a few orders I was up. I gave them my order, then they asked--What Christmas song do you want us to sing? Well that's when Catherine came out--She thought I can make them do my bidding bwahahahaha! So Catherine sweetly replied--"Santa Baby".

They did sing it. It made me giggle, and them totally uncomfortable.

Now after all this, aren't you glad I'm one of the good guys--hehehehe!

Friday, January 20, 2012

To spell Santa's name is easy to do....

"You write S, A, N, T and another A, too.
But no L, no L. Santa's name has no L
And he won't be too pleased if you don't learn to spell." (sung to the tune of Noel)

Well we didn't need 'L's for Christmas, but here were a few things we did need.  Yummy, Yummy goodies.  It was baking week, which meant one goodie a day.  Sometimes they didn't last longer than that day, but we got them made.
Snow, hooray, finally, well sort of. We had this much for a couple of hours, and then it melted. At least we had a white Christmas one day out of ALL of December. Strangest winter in Utah
Christmas concerts are something you need for Christmas. Jacob had his band one this week. He's with the trombone.
Christmas songs--obviously! Once again the kid's school had each class sing a Christmas song. Adam's was the Noel song quoted in this post. Nathan sang I want a hot cup of cocoa, and Jacob's class played a christmas song on the recorder.
Last, but not least you need lots and lots of batteries for Christmas, although maybe not these kind. Adam and Dave took apart Adam's pod (what we put insulin in) and found four batteries inside. We only use these for three days, so they are still good. Well see if they continue to take them out and keep them. Must be recycling in their blood...

Christmas, Christmas time is here...

"and Christmas songs you love to here. Thoughts of joy and hope and cheer, but mostly shopping, shopping, shopping..." This is one of our favorite songs for the season. It's by Straight no chaser, and their video on Youtube is awesome. I may have to quote the song all the way through.
I went to our Relief society Christmas dinner. Lots of songs I love to here, but mostly cooking, cooking, cooking...
Rachael got this from her YW leaders for their Christmas gift.
A surprise gift from a company Dave did some work for. Oh if only we drank something other than water and chocolate milk. It went into the white elephant gift pile.
"Hey Santa do the can-can, help them if you can-can join in the parade. All you need is a tree, some lights, about a thousand presents, wrap them up and pray for snow." This is who we saw driving down to BYU one saturday morning. The kids tried to get a picture. I love that you see him everywhere this time of year.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Do they know it's Christmas Time at all?'

This is one of my favorite Christmas songs. It kind of puts what we have here in the states a little bit in perspective, but that's not why I chose this song for this week. It was the first week of December, and we should have been getting ready for Christmas. Well instead we were doing other things. So I began to wonder, is it really Christmastime right now? Here are the other things we did....
A new kindle fire. For Dave's work he has to get all the latest and greatest to make sure his projects work on them. I've always thought nooks were dumb, and any electronic held devices to read books. Who doesn't love the smell of paper, and the weight in the back pack? Plus when you get something like that from Amazon and open it up brand new, it's just heavenly. But I have officially been converted. I love the kindle fire. I can check out ten books at a time from my library. Unfortunately, Dave loves the kindle fire too. At one point I think he started hiding it from me. Now the question is do we need two?
OUCH, OUCH, and more OUCH. I went in for a root canal, that lasted all month. Yep, ALL MONTH.... Thanksgiving was my last real meal. It was pretty deep, and I won't go into details, but lets just say each time I went back the dentist made sure I had plenty of Oxycotin.
I went with some friends to go see the Festival of Trees in Sandy. This was as close to Christmas as I got this week. Here is a cool tree centered on the theme A Christmas Story.
I love advent calendars. I try to get a new one every year. I'm hoping I can talk my mom into creating one like this for me someday.
At last, but certainly not least, our youngest chose to be baptized. He's been waiting a long time for this. We were so excited for him. I can't believe my youngest is 8. I'm old.......

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Turkey for me, Turkey for you

Let's eat the Turkey in my big brown shoe...I love this song by Adam Sandler. Who knew he could sing/say words so well. We had a lovely Thanksgiving week, and of course ate yummy turkey.
Rachael wearing a hat Adam made at his Thanksgiving party.
The night before Thanksgiving we were invited to a turkey making party. We were given apples, all sorts of candy, and toothpicks to do whatever we wanted. It was a blast.
How many pies do we have at Thanksgiving? The rule is at least one per person. Yummmm
This is what my hallway looked like after black Friday. I like to wrap things up pretty quick, because we have lots of peekers in our house.
Then of course we put up all our Christmas stuff.