Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kinda like this thing

"but there’s something you should know
I just came to say hello"
I love this song because it's simple. I just came to say hello. I felt like this week was simple--busy, but simple. I love my life and all the fun, adventurous, and exciting things we get to do. Here were a few of them.
Our kids have been running. We are doing the program from couch potato to 5k. They are troopers, and I think they enjoy the runs.
Flowers for me? I walked in from a busy day Tuesday and these were sitting on my counter. I love when Dave says, "Hello"
Nate was 'King' in his class. He had to make a poster about himself--just to say hello.
Adam is in football and scored a touchdown. He was just telling the other team--hello
We had blue pancakes Saturday morning as is traditional before every BYU/Utah game. Unfortunately it wasn't a very fun game to watch--painful in fact. But I also got to participate in the 10K dirty dash up at Solider Hollow. A nice big muddy hug makes a wonderful 'hello'

Just go and do what you do

cuz there's nothin to prove. I'm just being me watch me do me.... For this week (I know I'm three weeks behind), we just did our thing. It was a busy week, and I'm glad we were able to do so much.
We had a BBQ to celebrate Labor Day. After coming home Rachael figured out how flexible she was. Of course everyone had to try it. I have pictures, but I thought Rachael's looked the strangest.
One of Rachael's Young Women Projects is a cleaning out project. She is going to do my whole kitchen. I was thrilled until I got the list of things I need to buy in order for everything to have a place. Hmmmmmmm.........
One of Dave's employee's kid (did you get that?) was diagnosed with diabetes this week. We went up to the hospital to talk with them, encourage them, and let them know we made it--you can too. I love that I have this knowledge to share with others, I don't love that it is because my little boy has diabetes too. Adam is a trooper and such an example of pressing on with joy.
Pack meetings are always, what's the word, chaotic. That about sums it up. All the adults had to link arms and travel in a line to go sit down around a 'camp fire'. (term used really loosely as there are no fires allowed in the church) We had an awesome Arrow of Light ceremony. Nathan is our only boy in cub scouts right now, until November.
Dude who is that cute kid?! That is our cousin/nephew Cohen. He came to visit us for a couple of days, and we were thrilled. Ben came too, and hopefully next time Melanie can as well.
BYU is having their diabetic classes again, and this time all my kids and I get to go. They actually pay us in gum, and five dollar gift certificates. The kids love it, and I get lots of good info out of it too.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Just Beat It, Beat It

No one wants to be defeated. Showin' how funky strong is your fight, and it doesn't matter who's wrong or right......This week was all about beating it. Beating what you ask? Well here are some things below.
Our activity for our Family Home Evening on Monday night was kickball. We had to beat the ball to get to base.
Our garden if full of yellow zuchinni. We had to find a way to beat that--so I chopped it up and made cookies, muffins, and broiled in the oven. So yummy!
Our road is still under construction and so muddy. Somehow I had to beat the dirt to get the BYU sticker nicely on our car. I did but now everyone thinks I wash off only the part of the car that holds the sacred BYU sticker.
Oh yeah and the most important thing we had to beat---'Ole Miss. We did rise up and beat them, but it was a tough game. My record still holds though, I was sent out of the room for all of the fourth quarter, you know the only quarter they scored in. The ugly truth is they don't really score unless I'm not around to watch it. We have tickets for the Utah St. game. My family is trying to figure out how to keep me out of the stands.
The wonderful headline on Sunday.

Monday, September 05, 2011

I know it's hard, know it's hard

To remember sometimes, but you gotta keep your head up, oh... I know I'm a week behind again, but don't worry I'll get it taken care of this week. We had a busy one, and I just wanted to let my kids know that no matter what they go through, if they keep their head up they will be just fine. It was the first day of school for all of them. I now have a junior higher--my made up word. My kids are all a year older, and school is starting to get tougher. Here are some funny highlights--no really!!
Hooray for uniforms--oh wait. I forgot one of mine didn't have a uniform, so I didn't really go shopping before school started. Oops my bad. We went the very next day and had a great time at Kohl's

Nectarines from our very own tree!!
Nate's police station tour with his cub scout group. These are some scooters our city is trying out. I don't think they are keepers. They only go 35 miles an hour, and my question is where exactly would they ride them? There is clearly tooooo much construction going on around here.
The "Moms Only" club hiked five miles Friday morning. It was gorgeous, and I got my steps in that day.

Here's a funny story--we went to a fireside Thursday night given by a man named Tom Ngo. He's brilliant with degrees from both Harvard and Cambridge. One day his wife was not feeling well and asked him to fix dinner. She gave him an easy assignment--quesadillas. It took him an hour, but he finally showed up in their bedroom with the dinner. Wife, "What took you so long?" Tom, "I had to cut the cheese into little bitty pieces. You know someone should invent something to cut cheese like that." Wife, "You mean like a cheese grater?!" I laughed, turned to my friend sitting next to me and said, "That's totally Dave." Well on Saturday Dave decided to fix Rachael's sink. It had been slightly leaking and needed a new pipe. He unhooked the pipes from under her sink. Carefully--without spilling any water that was in them--he stood up and then proceeded to dump the water down her sink. You know, the sink he had just taken the pipe off of?! Water was everywhere, and Dave stood there giggling and said, "well that was one of the dumbest things I've ever done." I just shook my head and thought to myself--cheese grater! So keep your head up, cause it can only get better!!