Monday, July 18, 2011

"Got the news today, doctor said I had to stay..."

"...a little bit longer, and I'll be fine."  This song is sung by Nick Jonas and is about his diabetes diagnosis.  Adam went to diabetes clubhouse this week.  This is the event he looks forward too every year.  He is certain that next year he wants to go to one of the overnight camps, but I haven't decided if I'm ready for yet.  Don't worry, it wasn't all about diabetes this week.  We did lots of other things as well.
Dave got to go to media day at BYU. I was jealous. He took lots of pictures and video for me. This is the inside of the studo at the new BYU television building.
This is during the legends broadcast. The head right in front of Dave belongs to Jake Heaps. I asked if he talked to him, and he said no way--I wouldn't know what to say. I told him next time I would make him a list.
FHE was pretending to be on a raft, the raft sinking, and how to get out of that disaster. Actually it was about all kinds of disasters and passed off a ton of things for Nate's cubscouts.
Diabetes Camp for Adam!! It lasts for two days and is very well run. Adam's group was headed by a couple of teenage boys who either have diabetes or have dealt with a family member who does. Adam's favorite part was having a boa wrapped around him. I wasn't there for that, or you can bet there would be a picture up.
One of our friends had a birthday, and her husband planned a progressive dinner for her at different restaurants. We had the main course at PF Changs, and went to a bakery in downtown Salt Lake for dessert. The desserts were huge. I want to go back and try a few more.
Thursday was a no chore day. We went and ran errands and then headed down to Provo for some ice cream at BYU. We looked at houses up in the tree streets and I just had to stop and take a picture of the view. My kids said, "Mom if we lived this close to the creamery we could try all the flavors easily." Yes, yes we could!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

O Beautiful for Spacious Skies

Did you know there is a petition to try to change the national anthem to the song listed?  I think it is definitely more appropriate, but at the same time, the Star-Spangled Banner, is an icon.  When you finish the first verse you want to yell "Play Ball."  When you hear it during the Olympics you know an American has made us proud.  This is a little bit of how we celebrated the 4th of July.  I am proud to be an American
Tons of neighbors enjoying some lovely fireworks. We have wonderful friends, and love spending time with them.
This was what was all around our house on Monday night. With the new firework code, the people of Utah went a little bit crazy!
I cleaned out my garden and finally planted it. Better late than never I guess. This is all the lettuce I pulled out, and I even left some in.
My sister-in-law is so creative. She made some cupcakes exactly like these for Easter. I decided to copy her to see if I could do it. They didn't turn out so bad.
In a talk from one of our church leaders, they talked about having a picture of the temple in our kids rooms. Well I finally was able to get out and get the pictures. Nathan really wanted one without a Moroni on it. Adam was not feeling well and just grabbed one (South Korea), and Rachael couldn't find a big SLC picture, so she settled for a little one.
Dave and I received tickets to the Salt Lake Real Game. We got free food and stuff, so decided to go. It was entertaining, but my favorite sport is one with a brown and white ball. And I get to talk more about that sport next time. Hooray!!  By the way, Salt Lake Real won 2-0.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

"But I Would Walk 500 Miles..."

....and I would walk 500 more--just to get back to Utah.  As much as we loved traveling, by the 9th day we were worn out, and tired of the humidity.   We gave the kids the option of continuing on to our last two stops, or just going home.  At the time we were in Colorado Springs, so we knew we could make it home in a day.  They chose going home.  We still did lots of stuff before we got to Colorado Springs though.  Here is some of it.
We went to the Stockyards in Fort Worth. This is where they used to come from all over and sell their cattle.  Today there are still a few cows there and they are herded up the street twice a day.  Many of the cows in Texas are Longhorns.  We saw a few at NASA.  They sell them to help with scholarships at the University of Texas.  One of the Longhorns we saw was worth 500,000.  That is quite a few scholarships.
Then we went to one of the restaurants at the Stockyards. We had already had lunch, and since everything is bigger in Texas why not just order every dessert on the menu? So we did, and we tried them all, except the banana pudding.  The Pecan Pie was my favorite.
On to Oklahoma City. We went and saw the memorial. It was so fascinating. There is a tree there that survived the bombing. It's huge now, but still bears the scars from that awful day.
Then we went on to Kansas. In Wichita they had a CSI crime scene that we could solve. This is our crime scene. Dave and I loved it, but the kids were not that impressed. I loved all the forensics. I think if the kids were older and watched as many crime shows as we do they would have appreciated it more. I mean they watch Psych, so that means something right?
Dave tried to fly a plane. Yes he's on his belly. The stick is up at the front, and on his hips is a sliding bar that moves left and right. It was identical to what the Wright Brothers did on their first flights. It was really hard to do, and yes I tried it.
Nothing says Kansas like a Tornado. They had a tornado machine, and we all had to try it. It went up to a 7.8. Fascinating. This trip was soooo much fun. I would do it again in a heartbeat. It did make me appreciate where we live. As much as I loved the green and the beauty everywhere, I sure missed my mountains. Where else can I see a bright white Y out my back window. All of us agreed that there is definitely no place like home.

"I'm Getting Bugged Driving Up and Down the Same Old Strip..." we went and drove up and down some others.  Don't you love the Beach Boys?  Just for kicks I thought I'd show you a few more pictures the first week, and what we saw on Sunday.
This is the diner we went too on Route 66. Did I mention it's right by the University of Mexico? Dave hid our car so no one could see our license plates, and then we all made sure we were not wearing BYU anything. Fortunately most of us were wearing red.
This is the Battleship Texas.
This is the huge shuttle from NASA. It's on loan from the Smithsonian. Question--how do you think they got it here from D.C., cause it certainly couldn't fit under any overpasses.
My brother lives right by a bayou. There are walking paths all around, so we thought what a nice little jaunt on Sunday. He had never been to one of the lookouts, so we said sure let's try it. Here was a sign at one of them.
Here are all of us looking out over the water trying to see the turtles sticking their heads out.
And here is what started hissing at us as soon as we walked up. May I remind you the only thing separating us from this alligator was--well nothing. It could have climbed up on the bank and come on the lookout with us if it was so inclined. I had a really hard time letting my children just enjoy the moment. But I did, and it is something they talk about all the time.