Thursday, June 30, 2011

Life is A Highway

"and I'm going to ride it--all night long!" We have been on vacation for a week and a half traveling all over the the United States. We mostly stayed on the west side of the Mississippi, and have been having a blast. We didn't book any hotels, and just started driving. One of our purposes was to stop in Texas and visit my brother Jon and his family. Wait until you hear about all our adventures!!
                                                             (picture of Mesa Verde)
We headed down to Moab and visited the cemetery where Dave's mom was buried. That was harder than I expected. We then went in search of the old house which was so drastically changed that Dave drove right by it. We finally ended up at Mesa Verde. The kids were excited to get out and climb, and it was a pretty impressive.
This is the three story ladder on the face of a cliff that we had to climb up. Not for the faint hearted.
Four corners. Nathan had to visit this spot, and even though it was a major rip-off, we never have to go back. Been there, done that!
Roswell and aliens--oh my! The kids thought this was a weird place. I don't think they fully understood the whole government cover-up and stuff. It was pretty hokey, but I have now driven through a town with alien heads as lamp posts. For part of this day we were on Route 66 and we went to a little diner. We tried 'wets', which were really yummy, and of course had the handmade shakes. That night we watched 'Cars'. Quite appropriate I thought.
One of my favorite things was this awesome place. If nothing else this was probably one of our highlights so far. Carlsbad Caverns is amazing, and I would go there again. Once you get down the mile long trail underground you come to a rest area. It is complete with bathrooms, an elevator, and a deli and is 700 feet underground. We took a tour of the King's Palace. Pictures don't do it justice, but it definitely is cool. Much bigger than any cave I've been in before.
We made it to Texas and stayed with my brother and his family. We actually made it in time to be home taught by their home teachers. Later we headed out to Blue Bell Creamery and got a tour. Plus we got ice cream at the end. I tried Krazy Kookie dough--my new favorite. It's bright yellow, pink, green, and blue. It's a party in your mouth. My favorite statistic--it takes 50000 cows (well their milk) to produce one day of production (or ice cream) at their factory. The town itself was beautiful, and I would live there in a heartbeat.
                                                           (picture of mission control)
Ending our sight-seeing for the week was a jaunt to the Battleship Texas. It served in WWII and Dave's Grandpa served on the ship as a radio operator. We also went to NASA and got a tour of mission control. We then went and saw the Saturn V which is a huge rocket. It was amazing, and is a close second on my highlights thus far.  What an adventurous first week.  I wonder where we will end up next week?!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

School is out

"the Sun is shinin'" This song is from a show we used to watch all the time in the summer. It's called Kim Possible. It has since been cancelled, and our family show has now been replaced by Phineas and Ferb. Maybe I'll use their theme song sometime. Anyway the sun was shining this week. We all got tans, had tons of fun, and were so busy I forgot to take picture of half of it. Oh well.
We love games, and are always trying to find new ones. This one seemed to go over quite well for our Family Home Evening night. They even have a Monty Python version!
What do you do when you don't have enough money to send 30+ girls to Activity Day Camp? You have your own, complete with BB guns, Archery, Marshmallow Gun making, and a sweet lesson on the Armor of God to tie it all in. Of course if you are dressed in Armor that gives everyone else license to shoot you with marshmallows on sight.--Oh and I may have started a water fight, oops!
We have been going bike riding a couple of miles every other day. I noticed a few boys were outgrowing theirs, so this new one appeared. It went to Nathan.
This weekend was the Father and sons campout. They went to the same place as last year, and had a lovely time. Rachael and I went shopping, well until she started getting sick and throwing up every where. Yeah that's about how it works this year.
Father's Day. Here we are signing cards for the two other Fathers who happen to live right in our neighborhood. We went and visited them today, and had some nice chats.

Other things we did were plant things in the Stake Garden, went to a wedding reception of a good friend of Dave's, I went to Physical Therapy twice (shin splints), went to the library, summer band, had people over for dinner, and had a few friends over and parties mingled in.

Monday, June 13, 2011

I Think I'll Go For a Walk Outside Now

"The Summer Sun's Callin' My Name" I bet no one knows who sings this song. I will say I did a skit to it when I was in highschool. Here's a hint--there were six of us. It was the first week of summer vacation, and it finally started to feel like summer. So what did we do for our first week? Lots!!!
We opened new lego sets we ordered online after saving up our money. Don't we look excited?!
We went to Pizza Pie Cafe and won 1000 tickets. Then we had our fill of pizza, pasta, and ice cream.
We went to the pinewood derby, where Grandpa helped us with our car. Did I mention Dave was in San Francisco this whole week? Well he was, so when I say we I mean me and the kids.
We got flowers from our favorite Uncle Ben, our favorite Aunt Melanie, and our favorite cousin Cohen. Don't worry I have no doubt our other favorite Aunts and Uncles and cousins will make the blog in a few weeks.
We watched two parades and went and saw fireworks in Orem. This is my sister Mary leading the Westlake Marching Band through the neighborhood after one of the parades.
And to complete our weeklong adventure we painted Mom's office. And by 'we', I mean just mom. Dave came home on Friday and was able to venture out to the parades and fireworks with us. It was quite a busy first week, and I can't wait to see what the rest of summer holds.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

It's Something Unpredictable, But in the End it's Right

"I hope you had the time of your life" I was asked many times this week what my song for my blog would be. I've had this song picked out for ages, hoping I wouldn't have to use it, but knowing I probably would. It was the perfect week for it, and I hope that with all the changes, those that move on had the time of their life. I sure have had a wonderful time.
Last week of school, so awards all around. Nathan was awarded most excellent in his class. I love that my kids love school. I know they had the time of their lives this year.
Rachael graduated from six grade. Apparently she was one of the valedictorians and had to give a speech. Who knew?! I shed many tears this day. I'm not ready to have my little girl move on and still remember that bunch of black hair that used to crawl around in our basement apartment. I hope she had the time of her life in grade school. It will be quite a change where she is going.
Crazy hair and sock day--on the same day. It was the annual 6th grade kickball game against the teachers. What a fun way to end the school year
My Grandpa died on May 31st. Although it was a little sudden, we are so thrilled that he is reunited with my Grandma. He's been mostly blind for 16 years, and I know he is up there looking at everything he missed down here. We flew to Oregon for a quick trip to bury him. They flew him in on an earlier Delta flight. You never know when you might be flying with human remains. I know my Grandpa had the time of his life and I hope I follow in his footsteps. Since he was a veteran, they played taps and presented the flag to my aunt. It was a neat experience and one I will treasure always.