Tuesday, May 31, 2011

All the Way Up All the Way Down

"That's right It's a temporary life It's a ride that takes you
All the way up, all the way down Never look back It's time to breakout"

As Rachael gets older and graduates from sixth grade this week, I'm reminded of how fleeting life can be. We took it a little bit easy this week, and did some things we don't always do.
The kids skipped school Tuesday. We went and picked up free Krispy Kremes and free strawberry lemonades. Then we went and had lunch with my mom to celebrate her birthday. The kids loved playing hooky, and I hope I gave them a little bit of a "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" fun time.
Adam found this amazing carrot in our garden leftover from last year. It took him a good 15 minutes to dig it out.
I am finally getting started on painting my office. Here is everything moved out of it so I can start.
I wear a pedometer. I have gotten over 20000 twice. Once at Epcott, and once when I ran 10 miles. Well I have a new record. I have now made it over 30000. That might have something to do with running 13 miles. Accidentally, of course!
Last, but definitely not least, Jacob lost two teeth in one night. He's been buying powdered donuts with his money lately. We told him losing two teeth would give him enough money to buy another bag. Silly kid! So he wiggled and wiggled and was able to do it. Don't you just love our crazy life?!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Blame it on the Rain

"that was fallin', fallin'. Blame it on the stars--they shine at night." So we had lots and lots and lots of rain this week. We did a lot of indoor activities. And a lot of things I did blame on the rain, as you will see below.

Every week the kids sit around and we talk about what we did that week, and write in our journals. It had been a couple of weeks, so they were not very thrilled with all the catch-up they had to do.

We are putting on an activity day camp, and I have the lesson. Any guesses as to what it is about? Adam had to try on the whole thing! We will be shooting marshmallows at the girls who put these on, with marshmallow guns we will be making. Tons of fun, right?!
Nathan has been really sick (I blame the rain). We are heading to the doctor today. The good news is with all the time he spent at home he got his book report done. They had to make a puppet (character from the book), that could tell the class about the book.
Jacob and Rachael had their last band concert for the year. They played "Oh When the Saints". Since there is already a picture of Rachael playing the trumpet, I thought I would get a picture of Jacob playing the trombone.
When Dave left his job two years ago our budget was slashed. This included my food budget. Fortunately our church encourages us to save for a "rainy" day. We used our food storage a lot. Well Dave's company took a turn for the better, so we felt it was time to build up what we had used. It wasn't until I went down there this week, and cleaned it out, that I realized just how much we had gone through. These shelves used to be packed. Thank goodness that we heeded the council of our Prophet.
And finally---Dave bought a book. 50 most dangerous things to let your kid do. One of them is wear a pot on your head in a hail storm. Well on Sunday we had a hail storm. (I really blame the rain for this one, oh okay, and Dave) As the kids were running outside with pots on their head it was also lightening. I guess check that one off the list!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I See Skies of Blue, Clouds of White

Bright Blessed Days, Dark Sacred Nights, and I Think to Myself.....What a Wonderful World.  I love this song, just the soothing melody.  It was a wonderful week, compared to last week when I all the days ran together and I was lucky to get to sleep before midnight.  Plus by the end of this week we had the most gorgeous weather.  What a wonderful world.....

Happy Mother's Day to me.  I got chocolate covered strawberries, and pretzels.  Plus Rachael made me an eggnog cake.  It was delicious.  What a great Mother's Day!!

Lunch with friends.  I went to Paradise Bakery with my old Presidency.  It had been so long since we had gotten together, and in the end, we still talked about Primary.---So silly!
Rachael was in a play called Rockin' Rapunzel.  Apparently she's quite the little actress.  She played the dad, and they performed it several times.

My parents came home from Switzerland and brought me these cute little chocolate lady bugs.  They were on their pillows in the hotel every night.  I'm so glad they are home.  Now they get to ferry Mary.
Beautiful weather, so I had to go out and plant.  I love red flowers, and white, and pink, and purple--but lots of red.

Field trip!!!  Adam and I went to the Children's Museum and the Planetarium.  Here he is trying out broadcasting in a mock up of channel 5 studio.  

Rachael and Jacob finally went back to school this week.  I was so relieved, I thought they would be home for the rest of the year.  Nathan was in a bike derby for cub scouts--but I was unable to attend, so no pictures were taken.  Just picture a bike with red, yellow, white, and blue streamers attached everywhere.  We went on a bike ride Friday, but Rachael and Jacob were still sick, so halfway through Rachael threw up.  I know--good parent moment.  She was suppose to walk a 5K the next day, and we decided to nix that.  Instead I went out with a friend and ran 10 miles.  So I guess that was okay.  Have a wonderful week.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

We Got to Pray

Sometimes, for family prayer, Dave and I break out into this song, and of course throw in some awesome MC Hammer moves.   I know what you're thinking--where's the picture?  Never gonna happen!!  This week I said a lot of prayers.  I had to, because there was no way I was going to make it on my own.  Are you ready to hear about the week I couldn't handle on my own?   You will say, are you kidding me I have this kind of week all the time.  Well I don't, so until I do, when these things happen, I will be taking a nap sometime during them.  Just sayin'.

Look who got glasses.  Adam has been complaining for months that he was going blind.  No really I would get calls from school.  Well he was a little bit right, he has a hard time seeing far away.  He does not need them to read though.  That's five down---hang in there Nate!!

Jacob was suppose to go to Hope of America Tuesday night.  Unfortunately he and Rachael both were home from school all week with strep.  It was an awful week for them, with little sleep, lots of coughing, and not much of an appetite.  I wasn't home enough to really take care of them, but finally made it to the Instacare with one of them Thursday night, and the doctor, with the other one, the next day.  Jacob did say, "At least I got to keep the blue shirt.  I can wear it for fun."  Always positive that one is!!

This is part of what I have been doing this week.  My grandpa called me in a lot of pain on Sunday.  I ran over to see him and talked him into letting me make a doctors appointment for him on Monday.  Well we went to the doctor and then to the hospital for xrays.  On Wednesday he was still in a ton of pain so Wednesday night I headed over to the ER.  We wheeled him in with a wheelchair.  He said if they didn't give him morphine he would send THEM home in a wheelchair.  Did I mention my Grandpa is a little feisty?  At the home he lives in he is always stealing people's walkers and hiding them.  Oh yes, I know where my kids get it from.  By Saturday he was doing much better.

Teacher Appreciation week was this week.  The kids all made cards for their teachers.  Adam made a witch for his teacher.  Yeah I know!  For his diabetic aide he made her a panda and wrote that she was the best Kung Fu teacher ever.  Rachael made a Turkey for her teacher and wrote he was a turkey.  And Nathan made a skeleton and wrote, "I'm shocked about you." Crazy kids!

Friday I had a Mother's Day tea with Adam.  We watched a slideshow about their year, and had cookies and apple juice.  He wrote me a letter thanking me for letting him live in our big, warm, lovely house.  And I got a flower.  Then we read books and went home. 

Dave cracked another rib this week--don't ask! Plus we still had Mary and ran her to school, voice lessons, band practices, band performances, driver's ed, babysitting, and a party. I'm so glad she isn't in sports. By Saturday we were all beat. I canceled anything we might have had and we stayed home, made muddy buddies, and watched a movie. Dave and I saw Tangled for the first time. A fitting end to a hectic week.

Monday, May 02, 2011

I'm no Beauty Queen, I'm just Beautiful Me

This week was a reminder of how awesome we are.  Hence the song "Who Says".  It was Women's Conference week, which was a very much needed break.  It also helped prepare me for what I would come home too.  Here's what's going on in our neck of the woods.
A Disney Scene-it evening. Both teams got all the way to the end and then the DVD stopped working before anyone was declared the winner. What do we Bruecks do when faced with these types of problems--fix it with ice cream of course. Or more correctly Oreo Shakes!
Dave working out to be ready for me leaving him for the rest of the week. He had to keep his strength up somehow. Do you like his five fingers (shoes)?
Women's Conference always starts with my friends and I getting ice cream on Wednesday night at the Creamery. Yes I had ice cream a lot this week!! Best Women's Conference ever!! Then we sit around in our jammies and choose classes. I do have a picture of that, but I didn't think I had permission to blog it. But now they know I have it--(evil laugh ensues)
Waiting in line for a picture with Kirby Heyborne. Can I tell you it was like Black Friday out there. Some women are just mean and vicious. Sometime ask me about the lovely "bathroom" women. BTW we did get our picture.
Elder Bednar and his wife spoke at the last session. We stayed after, because why fight the crowds? We were fortunate enough to find someone to take our picture. Each class we take is based on a talk given by some of our apostles, and women in General Auxillaries. My favorite class this year was "Preventing our Strengths from becoming our Weaknesses". That was a talk given by Elder Oaks at a Stake Fireside up at BYU. You can find it on LDS.org.
My parents are in Switzerland, so at the moment my sister Mary is staying with us for two weeks. She has an amazingly busy schedule. Just on Saturday I went to a funeral, baby shower, back to BYU for Adam's Diabetes clinic, took Mary to voice lessons in Alpine, took Dave to Instacare (he cracked a rib), took Mary to a birthday party, picked her up from said birthday party, and went to the store, since no one had been while I was gone. In the process I did laundry, fed people who had the flu, and took a nap. I mean really just reading all that makes you exhausted.

Here's to the coming week and all it may hold. Hope you all are doing wonderful!