Monday, March 28, 2011

Rise and Shout the Cougars are Out

Nothing like a good BYU fight song to get the heart pumping.  We were up at BYU this week not once, not twice, but three times.  I'd say that was enough times to make the fight song our theme song for the week.  Plus with BYU making it to the sweet 16 for the first time in years, we must give props where props are due!!
Our first trip down to the 'Y' was to set up Rachael's science fair project. We saw two awesome things, but I only got a picture of one. Herbie, in all his glory. The other cool thing we saw was Jimmer Fredette in the car behind us. He followed us all the way to downtown Provo. Dave wouldn't humor me and stalk him--let me tell you had I been driving.....
Rachael got fourth in her category, earning money and trophies again. It was a great day for her and our second trip to BYU.
Jacob had a birthday--and we shouted Hooray!! He has been ready to be 11 for a while. He even went on a 5 mile hike with the scouts. He got to go to scouts on the same day as his birthday.
Nathan had a field trip to Cabellas, and I got to tag along.
Our last trip to BYU. Adam is in a case study for diabetes up at the Y. He gets to go to four classes, one a month. It's on a Saturday for two hours. They play games, learn about different aspects of diabetes (this time it was carb counting), and they also are asked questions about different things that come up in diabetes (this time it was about feeling alone because you don't always get to eat the same kinds of foods as everyone else). I had to sign all this paper work so his answers could be used in research. The best part is they get paid. He gets FIVE dollars, and a whole pack of gum each time. This time he also got a big pack of play-doh. Who says diabetes doesn't pay?! Until next week--have a good one.

Monday, March 21, 2011

How Wonderful Life is, While You're in the World

Nothing like a little Elton John to get us in the mood for the wonderful week we had.  Our first stop was Nickel City in Orem.  Everyone found a game they enjoyed, even if it was just staring at nickels falling over an edge. 

Here is what Adam's endocrinologist's office looks like.  And yes he is playing on xbox 360's!

Jacob had another rootbeer lounge.  They work on a big project and present it to their parents every five weeks.  He did a slide show on the computer about a vacation to Mars.  His tour guide--none other than Brian Regen.  It was very creative!!
My friend posted a recipe for oreos dipped in brownie batter and cooked.  Well, we tried them, and they were yummy.  We learned though they are very hard to get out of the pan, even after spraying them.

We are having a Brueck Family Reunion this summer and have been racking our brains for some good minute to win it games.  Sunday we decided to try how many post-its we could pull apart in a minute.  Any guess as to who won?

This week was Stake Conference.   It was our privilege to have M. Russell Ballard, a modern-day Apostle, preside over it.  He spoke to us at the evening adult session, the morning session, and had a special session for the youth.   I loved the spirit that was there, and that my children were able to shake hands (virtually) with him.  It was a wonderful way to end a wonderful week!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tell Yourself, How Lucky You Are

This is one of my favorite songs from Seussical the Musical.  It was a typical week for us, sometimes good, sometimes not so good, but we are so lucky--or blessed.  This song is about looking at the glass half full.  I'd say this week was more than full, but sums up how wonderful our life is.  I love how it was a typical week, in that, anything and everything can happen.  Here is my favorite line from that song.  If you ever want to listen to it, I'm sure you can find it on youtube.  "So be happy you're here.  Think of life as a thrill  And if worse comes to worse (As we all know it will) Thank your lucky star  You've gotten this far... And tell yourself, how lucky you are!!"

It's that time of year again, Jacob was able to do rad kids.  Funny side note, his head is too big for just about any helmet.  They finally just had to settle with setting it gently on top of his head.  That's why the top looks like it's sticking up a little bit!

Student of the Month and bad Mom moment.  So Rachael received her Student of the Month at an assembly Monday morning I was supposed to attend.  Well moms get busy and forget---a lot.  So she got it and I wasn't there.  Luckily--as a sixth grader, it doesn't mean quite so much.  Especially when in the same week you register for Junior High.  I know this week my song should have totally been Sunrise, Sunset!  
How blessed we are to have such beautiful weather.  Here is Dave outside with the neighborhood kids in a rousing game of baseball.  No windows were broken taking this footage.
Arrow of Light Ceremony with blurry pictures.  I could not get my camera to work decent.  Oh well, at least I remembered a camera!!  (see how lucky I am).  We are so proud of Jacob for getting this.  It was hard for him, because I made him redo quite a few things.  We all learned a lot about honesty and doing it right the first time.  He is such a great example to us, never complaining about all he had to do!!
Do you recognize Templeton the Rat?  Well here he is.  We had to get him out of the barn yard quick.  The other animals weren't too happy when his rotten goose egg broke and made everything smell awful. Luckily he was able to help save Wilbur and come back a hero.  Nathan did awesome in his play Charlotte's Web.  They sang the song Chin Up, which talks about staying positive  What awesome songs we had playing at our house this week.  So excited for next week!!  We've got some great things coming up next week, and I can't wait to share them with you.  Toodles!!

Saturday, March 05, 2011

She rocks in the Tree Tops All Day Long

Hoppin and a Boppin and singing her song.  It was an awesome week, that started with some birthday celebration, continued with birthday celebration and ended with birthday celebration.  We are still celebrating!!  This song was my theme song in college.  My friends made a video of our freshmen year and every time I came on the screen this played in the background.  Lovely huh?! (said very sarcastically)
A wonderful dinner made by Dave
A few of the things I got for my birthday.  Yes those are chocolate covered strawberries in that box.  They didn't last very long at our house.
The mega french pancake I got to eat with homemade strawberry jam from Oregon.  Best meal ever!!
A night of Vocal Point.  We all loved it!  Their new cd comes out Tuesday.  Can't wait to get it.
My birthday week ended with BYU winning their final game at the Marriott Center.  It was a 100 point game.  What a great way to end a week.  I love birthdays!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Celebrate Good Times Come On!

We had tons to celebrate this week.  And yes I am posting this on my birthday, so next week's post will be a lot about celebration too.  But don't worry I have a special song for that one!!

"Look Mom, No holes!"  Dave is notorious for his holey jeans in our house.  I always have to check him before we go anywhere, and yes I have forgotten a few times.  We got him new jeans for his birthday, and we celebrated when he put them on to go meet with a client.
And she did it again!  After being one of the ten finalists at her school, Rachael headed to UVU.  At the awards ceremony that night they announced her project to go on to BYU.  She was so excited.  That happens at the end of the month.
Snow, snow all around.  We woke up to about eight inches of snow on Friday.  It melted fairly quickly, but the kids were lucky to have a half day, and got some snow time in.  Here is Nathan's fort he proudly built!
I got a new desk.  I've been reorganizing my office, and needed more desk space to house the cricut.  I went to IKEA, but wasn't thinking and took the car.  I was suppose to meet a friend for lunch, so I hurried and called Dave to bring the van and come bail me out.  He was watching a late version of the San Diego/BYU game.  So he missed the last four minutes to come help me out.  Isn't he the best.  And yes we won--we celebrated a lot when that happened.  Although I couldn't listen to the last four minutes, so I don't even know what happened then!
Dave headed to Burbank last week for a day.  He met with some Disney execs and such, and on the way up saw this van in the parking lot.  He didn't get a picture at that time.  At the end of the meeting (well towards the end), he finally stood up and said, "Sorry I have to go, I don't want to miss getting a picture of your Phineas and Ferb van!"  Yeah I didn't make that up, he really said that to some of the bigwigs at Disney.  But I love how Phineas and Ferb celebrate summer, don't you?!