Sunday, September 19, 2010


We stayed in a beautiful house in Tulum during our week. It was 45 min. from Cancun, and not near the tourist trap everything else was. Our first excursion was the next day. We set out to explore the ruins of Tulum. It sits right on the beach. We alternated ruins and beach days, with a Sunday thrown in. It was quite the adventure. For one of the ruins, we had decided we wanted an LDS guide--just for kicks. We thought it would be a little bit difficult to find one, turns out they prey on the LDS. The best way to spot an LDS guide--look for the BYU hat or T-shirt. We're pretty sure they didn't even know that was a school in the states. Of course Ben tried to get them to change their allegiance, but since they were vaguely aware of BYU they definitely had no clue what the U of U was.

These are some friends we found all over the ruins. They were huge. I was not a fan.

Our guide, I believe his name was Limhi. It was an interesting perspective. At the end he tried to sell us some souvenirs, but we handed them back. We had similar experiences in Puerto Rico, so have learned quite a bit from our adventures.

Some of the more complete ruins. I wished we could have gone in these, but there were barriers everywhere. I'm amazed at how old they are. Our country is so new, it was cool to see some of it's history.

The beautiful blue beaches. Gorgeous and warm. The beach days were some of my favorite days.

Mexico, Finally!

We headed to Mexico in May. It was a last hurrah with Dave's sister Melanie, and her husband Ben, before they add another addition to their family. Dave and I flew in a day early (it was cheaper, go figure). We stayed at a Marriott. This is/was a little unknown secret. I'm a hotel snob. I refuse to stay in anything that has a number in it, is crumbling looking, or has the word value, cheap, or budget in it. I know, what has Dave gotten himself into. I have no problems justifying 10 more dollars a night to stay in something that is 10 time better with service, cleaner, and the soap and shampoo bottles are all new. So we stayed in a Marriott our first night there. This is my preferred motel anyway, but now you know why.

Yeah we're finally on the plane getting ready to go.

The Marriott. Dave worked and I watched tv.

Outside the airport waiting for Ben and Melanie. Customs takes forever. It was humid and hot. Everyone wanted to take our luggage to earn a little something extra.

Of course we had to find a store to pick up supplies. Here is the escalator leading into something we were familiar with.

Good old Walmart. Yes they even have them in Mexico. Although the escalator was a nice addition. Think of the hours of fun on these things--just sayin'.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Mother's Day?

Early or Late depending on how you look at it. This is what I walked into when I came home from my meetings. Yes I had meetings that day.

An artistic rendition of Chichen Itza made entirely out of Andes Mints. We were headed to Mexico the very next day, how exciting!!

A sweet card with four cute little voices recorded on it.

Should I even ask? I also got a new camera to take on our trip. So exciting.