Thursday, July 08, 2010

Rachael was able to do Hope of America at the Marriott Center. They had two performances of it since there are so many elementary schools in the surrounding areas. Ours was the first night. I had never been before, and as each child hit fifth grade, I'll be able to see it again, and again, and again. I know by the time Adam gets up there they will ask me to be in it since I'll have all the songs memorized. One of Rachael's friends in the neighborhood was also in it, and we took her with us. What a fun and memorable night.

She was white, and one of the stripes in the flag.

See if you can spot her.... ;)

Hiking the Y

In late April, we were able to find one nice Saturday and take our kids on their first hike of the season. Of course, being avid BYU fans, the first place we chose was up to the Y. It was a steeper hike than I remembered, but along the way they had put benches, so it was a nice starter hike for the kids. Adam took the longest, but was the most unwilling to hike back down. He was determined to stay at the top as long as possible. At the end the kids said they loved hiking, and we can't wait to do another one.

The beginning of the trailhead. Things sure have changed since I was there 10 years ago.

Adam and Dave along the trail. It doesn't look that steep, except I'm standing at the end of the trail taking the picture.
The view from above. See LaVell Edwards Stadium? Also DT is completely gone!!