Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Easter

This kids got to open up their Easter stuff the Saturday before Easter. The two youngest boys got water guns to match Jacob's. Jacob got the exciting conclusion to Fablehaven, and Rachael got a new Easter dress. She is definitely turning 12 this year, since she is out of the puffy sleeves era. So she just got a comfy summer dress. Don't worry, Dave and I also managed to snag quite a few Easter treats. So everyone had a wonderful Easter.

Rad Kids

Rachael and Nathan graduated from Radkids this year. They learn how to deal with bullies and how to defend themselves from strangers. At the end they have a police man come, dress up, and basically use him as their punching bag. It's great for the kids, and they get a 'kick' out of the policeman.

Rachael dressed in her finery. She's ready to defend herself.

Don't get in her way!

Here's Nathan taking out the bad guy.
Here's a close-up of his uniform. Isn't he cute!

Jacob's Birthday

It continues to snow, even in March. So what better way to celebrate your birthday then by getting a water gun! Jacob turned 10, and although we didn't have a huge shin-dig this year, it was still an enjoyable birthday.

His huge water gun. He also got legos. Now the new thing is bioncles, but at the time, we didn't know that.

His new shirt.
Breakfast in bed. He asked for Baked French Toast for breakfast, and sweet rolls for dinner. It was a great food day at our house.