Saturday, March 13, 2010

Birthdays and the Flu!

Yeah, we got the flu. All of us. This was the throw-up, lay in bed for a week, flu. There were a couple of nights when it was a little bit hairy, because Adam got it pretty bad. During one of these all nighters, Dave was quite ill, so it was left to me to check Adam's blood sugar every hour. Needless to say, two days later I was in bed with the same thing. The sad part was we spent Dave's 35th birthday at home, sick. I didn't make him dinner or a cake, since he wouldn't have been able to really appreciate. Like I said, it lasted for a week. On this particular day most of the boys had gotten over it. I was finally started to eat, and Rachael had thrown-up the night before. So here is Dave, on his birthday, opening his presents. Don't worry, when we were all feeling better I made him cake and roast.

His big gift was tickets to Brian Regan.
Rachael at her best. Fortunately she wasn't carrying around the barf bucket anymore.

Christmas for Real!

So here is our Christmas with just our little family. I love this time of year when my closet, bursting at the seams, finally gets cleaned out. The kids slept in the basement this year and came up from downstairs. I think we might make that a new tradition. Here's some of our highlights!

Dave's new collection of Dilbert. Comes with a cd. Now he has everything!

My beautiful toy I've wanted for five years. It finally made it's appearance this year, and can I tell you I'm thrilled. I love my CRICUT!
The boys each got a nerf gun. Now even more darts will be found in unusual places. And yes I've already had several go through the wash!
Rachael got an I-Pod and has quickly learned how to add her own music.
The aftermath. On the tv we're downloading a Rayman Rabbids game. Dave has figured out how to put all our Wii games on the Wii so we don't need the cd's anymore. As soon as someone opened a game for Christmas, Dave immediately downloaded it. I love Christmas!

Built on a Rock!

This year it actually worked, we got the gingerbread house to stay upright. It was a great little achievement, since last year was a disaster!

The beginning. Adam is checking out the treats!

A person for our whole family. These lovely little gingerbread men are the five brothers. Also we are showing our true colors with the white Y on the roof. Sorry the blue icing will hopefully be available next year.
Lick, Lick, Lick
The finished product!