Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Pajamas

Continuing with tradition here are the kids new pajamas this year. Next year Dave and I are getting new ones too, but you probably won't get a picture of it!


Who you callin' an Old Maid?!

Jacob got Old Maid for Christmas. The kids settled in for a nice rousing game. Dave and I chose to just be onlookers--some of us just get a little bit too competitive!!

Rachael saying no, not sure why, but she is.
Nate not thrilled at all that I have a camera.
Jacob, always one to smile for the camera!

Two Days Before Christmas

So we always start Christmas early, I mean really early. I might add we like to start birthday's and anniversary's early too. Here was us, starting Christmas two days early.

The presents under the tree. We didn't open all of these two days early, only the ones the kids got us and eachother from the dollar store!
Dave's present from Adam. Adam was thrilled to find these beauties. He proudly exclaimed, "Now Dad and I can have matching glasses."
Rachael made each of the boys a magnet board out of cookie sheets. They were quite cute, and she put a lot of work into them.
Adam's flying stuff. I don't know if it actually worked, but it was sure exciting to open!
My Favorite Present!