Saturday, January 23, 2010

I Want a Hot Cup of Liquid Love

The kids had a sing along at their school I wish I would have gotten of video of Jacob doing his Hot Cup of Cocoa dance. But, alas, I didn't. However he's a few pics. of the kids singing along. The Kindergarten class did their own thing, which is why there are no pictures of Adam.

I want a hot cup of cocoa with a Marshmallow or two, I want a hot cup of liquid love, the chocolate kind will do! (Jacob's Class)

Nathan doing his actions to "I love those J I N G L E bells!"
Rachael's class did a light show to a song. It is a big hit every year, and the fifth graders always look forward to doing it!

His True Colors

On the big day of the game (BYU vs. UTAH) Adam came downstairs wearing a red shirt. "Adam what are you doing?" We asked. His comment, "Rooting for the Utah Utes!" Lots of giggling ensued, and eventually he changed into his cougar shirt. Not much else was said after that, but I did begin to wonder if maybe we had a Ute in our midst. Well it was needless worrying. A couple of weeks later he went to a friend's birthday party. There was a face painter there, who did wonderful creations on the kids faces. I saw a lion face, a batman, a fairy, I mean these were full on face masks. They were gorgeous. With that much talent I was curious to see what my son had asked for. A 'Y'. Really, a big BYU 'Y'. Also at the party was a balloon maker. You know the guys at the fair that make those cool balloon creations. Again I was excited to see what Adam had chosen---a 'Y'. Seriously?! I must admit I was quite the proud mom, guess now we see his true colors.

Beautiful isn't it?
What's a party without a balloon 'Y'?!