Wednesday, November 10, 2010


We went to Coba next, because we knew we could climb on it. Everything at Tulum had been roped off. I got the most steps on this day because we had to walk, and walk, and walk, and walk. We could have rented bicycles, but those things looked scary--how do I know? Well we kept seeing them along the rode and wondering if we should just nab a couple for freeeee. Yeah, a free ride to a bicycle wreck. So here we are climbing and picture taking and since we had no guide, we made Dave the honorary one. Isn't he doing such a good job?! He nailed the hand gestures!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


We stayed in a beautiful house in Tulum during our week. It was 45 min. from Cancun, and not near the tourist trap everything else was. Our first excursion was the next day. We set out to explore the ruins of Tulum. It sits right on the beach. We alternated ruins and beach days, with a Sunday thrown in. It was quite the adventure. For one of the ruins, we had decided we wanted an LDS guide--just for kicks. We thought it would be a little bit difficult to find one, turns out they prey on the LDS. The best way to spot an LDS guide--look for the BYU hat or T-shirt. We're pretty sure they didn't even know that was a school in the states. Of course Ben tried to get them to change their allegiance, but since they were vaguely aware of BYU they definitely had no clue what the U of U was.

These are some friends we found all over the ruins. They were huge. I was not a fan.

Our guide, I believe his name was Limhi. It was an interesting perspective. At the end he tried to sell us some souvenirs, but we handed them back. We had similar experiences in Puerto Rico, so have learned quite a bit from our adventures.

Some of the more complete ruins. I wished we could have gone in these, but there were barriers everywhere. I'm amazed at how old they are. Our country is so new, it was cool to see some of it's history.

The beautiful blue beaches. Gorgeous and warm. The beach days were some of my favorite days.

Mexico, Finally!

We headed to Mexico in May. It was a last hurrah with Dave's sister Melanie, and her husband Ben, before they add another addition to their family. Dave and I flew in a day early (it was cheaper, go figure). We stayed at a Marriott. This is/was a little unknown secret. I'm a hotel snob. I refuse to stay in anything that has a number in it, is crumbling looking, or has the word value, cheap, or budget in it. I know, what has Dave gotten himself into. I have no problems justifying 10 more dollars a night to stay in something that is 10 time better with service, cleaner, and the soap and shampoo bottles are all new. So we stayed in a Marriott our first night there. This is my preferred motel anyway, but now you know why.

Yeah we're finally on the plane getting ready to go.

The Marriott. Dave worked and I watched tv.

Outside the airport waiting for Ben and Melanie. Customs takes forever. It was humid and hot. Everyone wanted to take our luggage to earn a little something extra.

Of course we had to find a store to pick up supplies. Here is the escalator leading into something we were familiar with.

Good old Walmart. Yes they even have them in Mexico. Although the escalator was a nice addition. Think of the hours of fun on these things--just sayin'.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Mother's Day?

Early or Late depending on how you look at it. This is what I walked into when I came home from my meetings. Yes I had meetings that day.

An artistic rendition of Chichen Itza made entirely out of Andes Mints. We were headed to Mexico the very next day, how exciting!!

A sweet card with four cute little voices recorded on it.

Should I even ask? I also got a new camera to take on our trip. So exciting.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Rachael was able to do Hope of America at the Marriott Center. They had two performances of it since there are so many elementary schools in the surrounding areas. Ours was the first night. I had never been before, and as each child hit fifth grade, I'll be able to see it again, and again, and again. I know by the time Adam gets up there they will ask me to be in it since I'll have all the songs memorized. One of Rachael's friends in the neighborhood was also in it, and we took her with us. What a fun and memorable night.

She was white, and one of the stripes in the flag.

See if you can spot her.... ;)

Hiking the Y

In late April, we were able to find one nice Saturday and take our kids on their first hike of the season. Of course, being avid BYU fans, the first place we chose was up to the Y. It was a steeper hike than I remembered, but along the way they had put benches, so it was a nice starter hike for the kids. Adam took the longest, but was the most unwilling to hike back down. He was determined to stay at the top as long as possible. At the end the kids said they loved hiking, and we can't wait to do another one.

The beginning of the trailhead. Things sure have changed since I was there 10 years ago.

Adam and Dave along the trail. It doesn't look that steep, except I'm standing at the end of the trail taking the picture.
The view from above. See LaVell Edwards Stadium? Also DT is completely gone!!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Easter

This kids got to open up their Easter stuff the Saturday before Easter. The two youngest boys got water guns to match Jacob's. Jacob got the exciting conclusion to Fablehaven, and Rachael got a new Easter dress. She is definitely turning 12 this year, since she is out of the puffy sleeves era. So she just got a comfy summer dress. Don't worry, Dave and I also managed to snag quite a few Easter treats. So everyone had a wonderful Easter.

Rad Kids

Rachael and Nathan graduated from Radkids this year. They learn how to deal with bullies and how to defend themselves from strangers. At the end they have a police man come, dress up, and basically use him as their punching bag. It's great for the kids, and they get a 'kick' out of the policeman.

Rachael dressed in her finery. She's ready to defend herself.

Don't get in her way!

Here's Nathan taking out the bad guy.
Here's a close-up of his uniform. Isn't he cute!

Jacob's Birthday

It continues to snow, even in March. So what better way to celebrate your birthday then by getting a water gun! Jacob turned 10, and although we didn't have a huge shin-dig this year, it was still an enjoyable birthday.

His huge water gun. He also got legos. Now the new thing is bioncles, but at the time, we didn't know that.

His new shirt.
Breakfast in bed. He asked for Baked French Toast for breakfast, and sweet rolls for dinner. It was a great food day at our house.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Another day another bouquet!!

I'm probably telling too much by these pictures that were taken (just not very flattering), but adult birthdays I've decided can be hard. That's why Dave has done something different for my birthdays and I love it. He buys presents, but I only get to open one a day starting on my birthday. So for the first week of march, I'm excited to see what that day's present is going to be. The kids like it too. Also every year---for a really long time, my brother Jon, and his wife Lauren, send me a bouquet of tulips. I love it, and they always go on top of my piano for everyone to see when they come in!!

A close-up of my tulips. They are always so gorgeous! Obviously my picture taking needs some work though.
Some knives that work on my counter. They are plastic and I use them to cut rolls and such.
A purse, and my crunch a munch. It looks like I'm scratching my head wondering why it's red, but honestly I did pick it out, and then sent the link to Dave. It goes great with my new brown coat!

Nate's Baptism

Nate was baptized in March. There were four kids from our ward baptized. One of them was the grandson of Sis. Liffereth, so she spoke at Nate's baptism. When our family went into the font room, Nate ran into the font and started jumping up and down. He has been so excited for this moment. Once he got dunked, he ran out. Game over I guess!! Anyway it was a great time, and everyone came to our house afterward for sandwiches. I love baptisms, just another reminder of why were really here.

My big kids--let me tell you though, vacations are awesome!!
Nate and Dad. Dad is showing his teeth!!
Mom, Dad, and Nate.

This is the project that never ends

As a fifth grader this year Rachael was required to do a science project. She choose to find out whether or not cars stop at stop signs. Dave did most of this project with her, and she went around to different types of stops (4-way stops, 3-way stops, right-turn only stops), to see what her findings would be. The very first night they came home they counted 14 cars. 1 stopped. She also interviewed a police man. Well the night of the science fair came, and we weren't going to go, cause we had so much going on, and Dave was gone, but I took all the kids and trudged to the science fair. Lo and behold, she was one of ten finalists to move on to the next level at UVU.

The finalists who went on.
So at UVU I got to judge. I only had ten projects to judge, but it was nice since only the judges could be in with the kids at that time. So during my breaks I would run over to Rachael to see how she was doing (and grab some candy). At the awards ceremony that night, we were again surprised to hear her name called to go onto Regionals at BYU.

BYU was an all-day thing. The night before the kids came in to set up their projects. They were put in around 6 rooms, so there were a lot of projects. There were several different categories, and every category had a 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st, and grand finalist. Rachael's really good friend was called up to receive 3rd for her category and we were thrilled. When they started calling the 2nd place people Rachael was called up. I clapped and thought, cool she gets a trophy, then I though wait a minute my daughter's up there, I better get out my camera. Who knows what I was thinking. So the camera came out right at the end, and I was able to snap this picture.
Here Rachael is next to her friend. Rachael also received a check for 25 dollars. Only the grand finalists moved on to the next level. Rachael was thrilled and said, "Second is the best, I know I did well, but I don't have to do anymore!" So what is she going to do with her money? She wants to go get her ears pierced.

And the Last Shall Have His First

It happened, after days of wiggling Adam lost his first tooth. He was thrilled and the tooth fairy came right on time. He has since lost a second--and the tooth fairy wasn't so quick.

During all this Nathan decided to try his own science experiment. We've had a science house lately, which I will post about. Anyway, he put a lost tooth under his pillow and didn't tell anyone except Rachael and Jacob. He swore them to secrecy. A month later he came to us, told us of his experiment and determined the tooth fairy was not real. He now believes mom has a stash of teeth somewhere that she's been saving every time someone loses a tooth. He tried to convince Adam there was no such thing as well, but Adam was not too be fooled, and has adamantly stated he still believes, cause how else do you get a dollar? Can't wait to see what he comes up with for Christmas......

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Are you Smarter?

Rachael got to go down to UVU (formerly know as UVSC) to participate in Are you Smarter Than a 5th grader. They did well challenging the college students and won 2 of the 5 games.

Rachael was in three of the five games, and got a few of the questions right. One of my favorite questions was--what is the name of the Big Red Dog? Believe it or not, no one got that one right! It pays to watch PBS!
Before doing the game they got a tour of UVU and had lunch. Rachael was disappointed because they promised them frozen yogurt, but it took so long, that the kids had to get back to school. She was back up at UVU a couple of weeks later (post to follow), and I got her ice cream then. That fixes everything!

Nate turns Eight

Mmmm the breakfast of choice--cinnamon rolls!

The Nerf Gun from Uncle Craig. There are big plans being made for next summer, so beware!
Scriptures from Mom and Dad. Nate didn't get a case for them until the day of his baptism. So unbeknownst to us, he carried them to and from church for a month, in the box they came in. He was so relieved to get a case, because he told us later people kept making comments about his box!
Birthday Bingo. Nathan had a big birthday party with friends and got to invite 8 people. It was crazy fun!
The Brueck cake. I'm becoming a pro at perfecting these layers.