Tuesday, December 01, 2009


So for this one you were supposed to watch a movie with your family. We've been letting our kids watch Lord of the Rings. The watched a lot of the behind the scenes footage, just to be clear that it was all pretend. They've loved every minute of it. That was the movie they chose to watch. We had a half day on Friday and had a Lord of the Rings marathon. Jacob has started to read the Hobbit, just in case they ever make a movie. He wants to be sure he can see it.


This was our family home evening lesson to discuss the latest, and greatest, talk given by our sweet Prophet. "Be of Good Cheer" He is always happy, and we talked about ways we can be happy too. What a great example he is to us.

ITF......Heavenly Father

Another great family activity for us. We all wrote in our journals, and talked some about this special person.


You could choose any type of teacher, but we chose our primary teachers. It just happened to be the day of the Primary Program, so we made them cookies and said thanks. A funny story though, when Jacob handed his cookies to his teacher he was giggling because he had crumbled them up into tiny pieces. I immediately switched the cookies with some extras I had. Later I couldn't find the crumbled cookies--Dave decided he needed a snack at church.


Make a turkey and write what you are thankful for. Really this is one that was in the jar. We were also thankful for the turkey we ate on Thanksgiving. Yummy!!


This is the kids laptop--and I use that term loosely as it is the only computer we'll let the kids play on. We love our computers and use them to keep in touch with all of you. So send an email or picture to someone you know and love.


We read that we needed to go through our toys, and give some away. Well we had just done this a couple weeks before, so we decide to go through the game closet and get rid of those games we don't always play with. I secretly was trying to get rid of Sorry, but it didn't work.


Go run and jump outside. When we drew this one out, most of the kids had PE that day. I went on my daily walk, and Dave did too. We are so thankful for legs.