Monday, October 26, 2009

I Spy

It's true I am the best hider in the house. I hide presents like nobody's business!! Only problem is, I'm so good, I even forget where they are hidden. It happened again...I lost another present. First it was the Narnia movie for Christmas. I hid that one so well I actually went out and bought a second copy, knowing I would probably not find it in time. I didn't, but I did eventually find it. I had hidden it with all our movies we watch (I mean really where else do you hide a movie?). Then there was Dave's father's day present--a belt. Classic really--hidden in his clothes. I mean isn't that obvious? I did find that present in time, but not before tearing apart the whole house. Well the most recent adventure was Adam's present. It's his birthday in two weeks, and I bought him the coolest Millenium Falcon for Galatic Heroes. It's pretty big too!! So you would think I would be able to find that one. Well I looked in all of my usual places, my closet, the laudry room, the van (yeah I hide presents in there because I've found the kids don't usually turn around in their seats and look in the back), even in Rachael's room (here's to hoping). Well I was stumped. There aren't many places to hide a big present. Finally Rachael asked if I had looked in Dad's office. Guess what? I totally hid it down there underneath the Star Wars blanket to remind me of the Star Wars thing hidden there. It has been found, it has been wrapped, he will be so excited to unwrap it. Now if only I could find................

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Basement, check!

We're pretty much done. We have light fixtures, electrical outlets, and smoke detectors left, and then we're done. It's so exciting. Dave promises Rach that this will be done by her birthday, we'll see!! Rach chose her paint color, and we are currently redoing the boys colors upstairs. Pictures will follow eventually. So for all those people who would love to come visit, hint hint--(I'm referring to those from North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Oregon, and California) we have plenty of space. So fun!!

Rach's paint color. She loves the aqua, and has put lime green and purple baskets in the closet.
The Beautiful tile, and comfortable carpet. With all the open space the kids have enjoyed bringing ALL their toys down here to play!
The stairs, hall closet, and eventually I'll get a picture up of the lovely game closet!
Love the light down here. So bright!

Huge News!!

Dave is done. His last day of employment with his previous company was August 31. It was a great seven years, but he and his friend decided to jump, and start their own company. He has been so much happier being his own boss, and we've been thrilled to have Dad right downstairs if there is a major emergency. (which, so far, has only happened when there are mice running around in the kitchen--true story) Hooray for our dad and husband, we are so proud and excited for him! As a true fan would say, Gooooooooo Dave!!!

The beautiful tie one of our children made for him.

First Day of School

Our first day of school started on August 18th. We had such a short summer, I was a little bit sad to see the kids go. I'm still sad to see them march out the door every day, and not have them near me to play with and talk too. Alright, I also miss the free clean-up service. Our house was so much cleaner in the summer, sad times, sad times.

We're Baaaaaaaaack

I promise I will try not to take such a long hiatus next time, but wait until you see what we've been doing. Here is our final trip to the cabin this summer. My whole family came up. It was a ton of fun, but not long enough. Dave was finishing up some work as he had just returned from a trip to Wales--a post to follow later. We hit the beach, then went over to the Martin Harris Pageant. They gave us dinner, and we watched the performance. Can we say--out in the middle of nowhere. I though Garden City was bad. Here are some of the highlights.

At the beautiful beach, I love it here, it's so warm and fun!!
The Giant Nate Squid that was built. Check out those far-reaching arms.