Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bear Lake '4'ever

Yep, 4 is about how many times we headed up to the Lake this summer.  So much fun to just be able to pick up and go and enjoy that blue, blue water.  We had lots of laughs, lots of friends, and lots of fun.  Here's some of our highlights from our annual trip with our good friends the Larson, Morris, and Burnham families.  By the way our taste test this year was Peanut Butter.  Jif won hands down--in case you are interested!!

Nathan's domino masterpiece.  It worked too, and he loved setting it up over and over again.
Brian buried!
Searching for seashells, and building a sand creations.
The annual picture of the kids.  When we first started there were only about ten.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Adam's Summer Camp

Every year the American Diabetes Association puts on a summer camp for kids 4-7 with Diabetes.  Adam went last year, loved it, and we decided to send him this year.  They go all day and have a wonderful time.  They bring in people from around the valley to teach them things, and help them cope with their diabetes.  Adam loves it because everyone there has the same thing he has.  I love it because I get to meet parents who are going through the same thing I am.  

Here Adam's group  is learning a song. Only about 50 kids attend, and they are split into groups of five.  This year his group was all boys.  They were at the Dark Blue table.
Here he is with his brand new red backpack.  
They get a lot of rewards too, for accomplishing things.  He had a blast, and I know will talk about it again all year.  

This is the Place

We went to family free day at this is the place Heritage Park.  We were excited because we hadn't seen the Indian Village yet.  That was the first place we headed, and it was pretty cool to go into the teepees.  At the end we hooked up with some of our neighbors and enjoyed the velcro wall and bounce house.  I only took the three oldest with me as Adam was at camp.  The kids had lots of fun, and with finished with some delicious mud pie from Wingers.  Of course what's an outing without ice cream...well not an outing!

Hang on Nate, we're coming.  So Nate got a little bit "stuck" up there.  That was entertaining to watch!

The kids told me to take a picture of this house, due to the door on the second floor.  So what, you open the door, step out, and splat?  Those silly pioneers!
This was one of our favorite parts, the candy cannon.  The kids got a ton of salt water taffy, after it was blown out of a cannon.  Did I mention it tasted a little bit like gun powder?  Yum Yum!!
Brigham Young's house.  The kids were fascinated with this house, and wished we had a house like it.  I have to admit I wouldn't have minded living there.

Monday, August 10, 2009

2 Down 7 to go

By the time all our boys make it through cub scouts, we will have made a total of nine pine wood derby cars!  This year was a community effort, reminds of the saying--it takes a village...  Grandpa Brueck cut the car to specifications, Dave added the tape for the painting, I bought the stickers, and Jacob did everything else--which was most of it.  It was a snazzy looking car, and Jacob came in third place amongst the bears.  

The weigh-in.

Jacob with the finished product.

This is what Dave wants in our basement.  I said no!
1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Leftover PVC anyone?

So Dave got creative this hot summer.  He asked Adam if he wanted to build something using the leftover PVC pipe.  Here are the results.  Who knew you could have so much fun.  Of course the neighbor kids all decided to come over and join the circus.  Don't I have a handy husband?

Oh the things you can think!

Of course, let's push the neighbor kid through in the stroller.
And then leave him there!!

Full of Hot Air

In July we went and saw the hot air balloons down at Provo High.  There was some lightning on the horizon so we didn't get to see them take off, but we got to see them blow up and deflate.  I was just thrilled the kids got a close-up, although I was disappointed in missing the jousting.  

Smoky the Bear
Hmmm who sponsored these balloons?
Just full of excitement.  We did go out to eat, so the kids thoroughly enjoyed that part.  We may be back next year, but we'll have to see...