Saturday, May 23, 2009

19,000 Steps and counting

Epcot was our next stop.  We really enjoyed this park, but went home about an hour before closing.  There are so many different things in this park like the Eiffel Tower, a chinese garden, a viking ship, and a playground in almost every country--I guess every where you go there are kids huh?!  We signed up for the Kim Possible Secret Mission.  It took place in Germany, and we were able to stop the Evil Henchmen from taking over the world.  If it hadn't of been so hot, it would have been loads more fun, but we were all pretty tired and cranky (or maybe just mom was)   

Can you guess what country?

It was so hot, at the end the kids found a way to cool down!
The whole getup.  So this was what Nathan wanted to buy in the worst way.  Unfortunately the whole thing was around fifty bucks.  
A picture of the notorious ball.  The kids were thrilled when they found out there was a ride inside!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Disneyland or Disney World?

Our first stop was Magic Kingdom.  Basically Disneyland in one park.  There was no one there,  and we got on everything right away.  By two I was done, and so we're the kids.  We'd had an amazingly long day the previous day--due to a plane ride, so we headed back to our hotel.  All of us slept at some point, and then we headed to TGIF for some good cookin'.  The kids favorite ride here was the tea cups, except for Rachael.  She's my splash mountain girl.  

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Matching Shirts

Yellow was our color of the day.  I went and got all the kids matching shirts for our first day at Disney World.  When we went on vacation as a kid my mom always made us matching shirts, well this is as close as I get.  So that morning we woke the kids up bright and early.  "Where are we going?"  They asked.  "For a ride."  We said.  "Are we going to be late for school, do our teachers know?"  "Yes and I've already talked to your teachers."  When we actually got to the airport I turned to them and said, "okay we're going to Disney World for a week."  They were really excited, but then Nathan said, "Where are our clothes?"   So we headed on a plane, and landed in time to meet Jon and Lauren at Magic Kingdom for a ride, and the parade.  

The Matching Shirts.  We were waiting for Rachael and Dave to come back from Splash Mountain.
The Genie in the parade.  I have to say I did like the last parade better, but no one does it like Disney!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

I have a Secret

Oh yes I do.  And it wants to burst out!!!  Tomorrow morning we are waking our children up and loading them on a plane, and heading to Disney World.  I'm excited beyond belief!  Our three boys have no idea.  Our daughter, on the other hand, found out weeks ago we were going, but has no idea when.  She thinks it is tomorrow, but we've been very secretive about it.  She told me it will destroy her if it is not tomorrow because her body is too filled up with excitement (yes her words exactly, how would I even make this stuff up?).  How sad it would be if she has to go to school.  So Florida and 90 degree weather, here we come!