Sunday, April 26, 2009

Top Heavy

A while ago I promised to post pictures of Mr. Adam in his rather 'large' clone trooper helmet. Here he is ready to battle the evil dark side.

It is a little bit big for his tiny body, but I'll have you know in the past three months, he's grown one inch and gained four pounds. This is quite an accomplishment as in the past two years growth for him was non-existent, due to his diabetes.

And again showing those lovely stick/ oops I mean muscley arms!

Another Reading Monster!

In our house it is a rule that you can not watch the Harry Potter movies until you've read the books. I did the same thing with Narnia, so don't think I'm biased. All my children have seen one and two (we read the books last summer). Well our little first grader was a little distraught since his elder two siblings have seen all the Harry Potter movies. So he is determined to catch up and started reading book number three. Bragging to ensue---when he entered first grade he was reading at below a first grade reading level. When I went in for Parent/Teacher conferences two weeks ago his teacher asked--"What have you been doing at home to improve his reading?" I said, "Nothing that I know of, he just really wants to read Harry Potter, so I let him." His teacher replied, "Well we rarely see this kind of jump, but he is now reading at a six grade level." So hooray for Nate, may he always have a love of reading and books.

Don't you love the rocker--we love hand-me-downs too!!

Oh the concentration!

Belated Birthdays

We finally had a big get together and celebrated everyone's birthdays for the month of March, April, and a little bit of May. Jacob and Jennie were in the mix, and had a wonderful time blowing out all their candles. And might I add not one of us had a lighted candle left. Jacob became a Bear, and is now officially working toward that patch. Jennie's favorite part of her birthday was how Dave gave her, her gifts this year. Starting on her birthday one each day until he ran out. It was exciting to wake up each morning and know there was something else she got to open.

Jacob's Bear Stuff.

Harry Potter Scene-it. We played it for FHE that night. Jacob knows his stuff.
The Birthday Celebration of Jef, Mark, Tim, Jennie, and Jacob. Check out all those lighted candles.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Seussical Easter

My sister was in Seussical the Musical and we went and saw her in it. This was the kids second time seeing that production. We have the soundtrack at home, so they were thrilled to already know all the songs. Adam especially gets into it, so for Easter the bunny brought him a special friend. Don't worry the other kids were equally spoiled. We had a great Easter, and on Sunday our first cousin on the Funk side was blessed. What a wonderful way to celebrate Easter Time.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Teacher Said....

This is a warning to those of you who have or ever will teach children in Primary. They listen to what you say and will periodically actually do what they are told. I was standing in my driveway talking to a good friend. I didn't realize that I needed to baby-sit the ten-year-old. After my friend left Rachael comes to me with mud all over her face and says, "In primary my teacher talked about mud and said we should try putting it on our face. So I did." I just want to thank Bro. Taylor for his pointers on mud. I do know Rachael later told him what she had done and he requested that what is said in the classroom stays in the classroom. I'm still trying to figure out why they were talking about mud at all as they are discussing church history right now. Where is mud mention in D&C?

These are in the wrong order, but this is the dried picture.

And here is the wet picture. Don't you love mud!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

It Happened Again!!

I kid you not.  If you go back to October on my posts you will notice a General conference one where I discussed a new game--looking to see if the twelve are wearing the same tie as in their pictures.  Well if you were lucky enough to watch Saturday morning conference, you would have been able to note that D. Todd Christopherson did indeed have on the same tie.  In case you missed that one perhaps you saw Saturday afternoon where Quentin L. Cook was also wearing the same tie.