Monday, March 16, 2009

Is it Edible?

I know you learn more about me here than you ever wanted to know, but here's one more adventure I had.  I'm fascinated by what are on shelves at stores, and every once in a while I find something that makes me stop, pick it up, and take a look.  This time it was pure marshmallow in the shape of a cheeseburger.  Not just shape, but textures and color.  Of course it was on my favorite sale----Clearance.  So I had to get them for the all important stocking stuffers for Christmas.  I was fascinated by what these things might feel like once finally opened.  Well they did not disappoint, it indeed was a true blob of Marshmallow.  I was so disgusted that I really had a hard time taking these pictures.  Did I mention they were on clearance because they were for Halloween.  Yeah, these sweet babies were two months old by the time my kids opened them--mmmmm, mmmm, finger-lickin' good!!

Proof that they were actually tried...

by everyone...

That's some thick cheese

So the kids did take a couple of bites, but after that it was too gross even for them.  They put them in baggies to keep for later.  By the time they got back to them they were completely hard.  It's all about the experience though, right?!

Friday, March 06, 2009

An Evening with Bronco Mendenhall

So I have a complaint!   I am very much a doer and I will resolve this, it will just take time.   We were able to attend, live, an evening with Bronco Mendenhall.  We got there quite early and Dave and I snuck into the private welcome they were having beforehand for Bronco Mendenhall, Samuel Cecilson, and the other major contributers of BYU.  I mean we really did sneak in--the back door!!  And, might I add, their chocolate mousse was pretty tasty, and have you ever had cucumber water?!  Anyway Bronco was just an arm's length away, and I was too intimidated at the time to go over and say what I had to say!! (imagine me intimidated)  So we then went down to hear him speak which was excellent as always, however, he brought up again about how 60,000+ fans booed him at his first game.  Well I have had enough.  I did not boo him at his first game, nor will I ever boo him.  I have been a 100% supporter of him (although I may complain about the quarterback situation) since the beginning.  By golly, the next time I see him, I'm going to go up and tell him!!!   Even if it involves sneaking in the back door!!


A Sweet Surprise!

The Young Women came and heart-attacked me, and it was such a sweet surprise!  I miss them dearly, but know they are in more than capable hands.  I'm also thrilled in the knowledge that I'm raising my own young woman, and she is such a wonderful person!  For valentine's day she surprised Dave and I and heart-attacked our entire bedroom.  She was cutting up hearts and coloring them for a good couple of days.  I'm always amazed at Rache's creativity and generosity, and only hope I'm setting as good of an example for her as she is for me.  

Hearts, hearts, glorious hearts!!
For my birthday she again put things on the walls, but this time it was smiley-faces.  I loved it!

Our Wolf

Jacob received his wolf at the Blue and Gold Banquet.  We are so proud of him and his accomplishments.  He worked really hard and was really good about doing most of it on his own.  So a big Hooray to our goal accomplishing son!!

The token family picture for the scrapbook.  

Dave giving Jake his wolf.  Love the snow boots peaking up.  

Darn Candle!

Naters turned seven, and in true Brueck form we had another combined birthday celebration.  Although Dave is not pictured, he had the same cake, and same celebration.  We're so happy to have this sweet, sensitive, caring, and hilarious little boy with us.  I love all my children and how they make my day that much brighter!

The silly putty from his sister.  One of his favorite gifts!

Naters had the hardest time blowing out this last candle.  In the end it didn't help that he was continuously giggling.