Thursday, February 26, 2009

Good News/Bad News

So today Nate came home from school saying: I have some good news and some bad news.
Me: Okay what?
Nate:  The good news is I lost my tooth, the bad news is I swallowed it.
Me--I started giggling a little at this point and said, "Why don't you go upstairs and tell Dad what happened."  On his way out the door I shouted, "I'm not digging through your poo to get it!"

Well this was the conversation he had with Dave: 

Nate: "Look, I lost my tooth!"
Dave: "Wow! did you keep it?"
N: "Yes. Well, I did sorta keep it because I swallowed it."
D: "What?"
N: "Yes, I thought it was a nut in my sandwich, so I swallowed it."
D: "What kind of sandwich were you eating?"
N: "Butter and honey."
D: " nuts?"
N: "No, no nuts.  I thought it was a nut, and hten I decided to swallow it, and then I remembered I didn't have nuts in my sandwich, and then I realized my tooth was gone, and then it was too late."
At this point Dave is now giggling.  Nate starts to walking out of the room and says,"I'm going to poop it out later, but mom said she won't dig through my poop.  I wonder if it'll smell."  Then he yells from the other room as he's coughing, "I'm trying to burp it out or something like that.  It's not working."

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Temple Square

During the holidays we try to hit at least one display of lights.  This year we went to Temple Square.  I love going down there, seeing all the lights, and now they have several different nativities as well.  They are all life-sized, and really  unique.  What amazes me is they start this lighting process in August.  When we visited Temple Square in August, they were already hanging cords and getting things ready.  All for only one month of fame.  What an extraordinary feat, and what a wonderful place to go.  

The beautiful temple
Freezing cold.  The kids were ready to go home after about 15 minutes.  Don't we all look like we're having the time of our lives?!
The kids favorite part was riding trax downtown.  They like to stand on the part of the train that turns.  

Thursday, February 05, 2009

The wise man built his house upon a Rock?

In primary we had a discussion about building on a firm foundation.  I completely agree with this statement, however I also firmly believe that is only the first step.  With a house it takes so much more than a foundation---that's just the start.  You also need sturdy sides, a strong roof, and one of the most important parts, intelligent people who know what they are doing to get that all built.  Although it's easier to replace the sides and the roof versus the foundation, it still takes a great deal of work to make sure it all comes together and is built correctly.  This year as with every year, we did try to build a house.  We had a perfectly good foundation.  I will let you guess what went wrong exactly.  Let's just say, mocking those intelligent people may get you a post on this blog, and it won't be pretty!! ;)

The beginning of the end!

Watching the front door cave in

Down go the sides!

In the end it all tastes the same anyway right?!