Tuesday, December 01, 2009


So for this one you were supposed to watch a movie with your family. We've been letting our kids watch Lord of the Rings. The watched a lot of the behind the scenes footage, just to be clear that it was all pretend. They've loved every minute of it. That was the movie they chose to watch. We had a half day on Friday and had a Lord of the Rings marathon. Jacob has started to read the Hobbit, just in case they ever make a movie. He wants to be sure he can see it.


This was our family home evening lesson to discuss the latest, and greatest, talk given by our sweet Prophet. "Be of Good Cheer" He is always happy, and we talked about ways we can be happy too. What a great example he is to us.

ITF......Heavenly Father

Another great family activity for us. We all wrote in our journals, and talked some about this special person.


You could choose any type of teacher, but we chose our primary teachers. It just happened to be the day of the Primary Program, so we made them cookies and said thanks. A funny story though, when Jacob handed his cookies to his teacher he was giggling because he had crumbled them up into tiny pieces. I immediately switched the cookies with some extras I had. Later I couldn't find the crumbled cookies--Dave decided he needed a snack at church.


Make a turkey and write what you are thankful for. Really this is one that was in the jar. We were also thankful for the turkey we ate on Thanksgiving. Yummy!!


This is the kids laptop--and I use that term loosely as it is the only computer we'll let the kids play on. We love our computers and use them to keep in touch with all of you. So send an email or picture to someone you know and love.


We read that we needed to go through our toys, and give some away. Well we had just done this a couple weeks before, so we decide to go through the game closet and get rid of those games we don't always play with. I secretly was trying to get rid of Sorry, but it didn't work.


Go run and jump outside. When we drew this one out, most of the kids had PE that day. I went on my daily walk, and Dave did too. We are so thankful for legs.

Monday, November 16, 2009


I didn't get a picture of this one, which I should have, but for FHE tonight we played scripture charades. Everyone picked a favorite scripture story and then we drew them to act out. Adam got the one about Jesus casting out the evil spirits and then they went into the pigs, I chose Sampson and Delilah, and Rachael got the three Nephites. I know, we had quite the variety.


As you can see, it's really for Ears (doesn't the picture just crack you up?) Pandora is one of our favorite online music places to listen too. They play all sorts of things that you pick, and we just love it.


We actually had a primary activity this day, so the kids did a craft there. They made feathers for a turkey, which I didn't get a picture of, and also drew things they were thankful for. I told them next time we'd have to get out the paint. I thought we'd have time during the game, but it wasn't quite the blowout I expected.

Draw some things you are thankful for.


The neighbors get hooked up with this thankful jar. We made caramel corn for a couple of our neighbors--I bet some of you wish you lived closer....

I stuck it in Christmas bags, cause let's face it, who has Thanksgiving gift bags lying around?
Our portion....we love caramel corn.


The thankful prayer. The kids really enjoyed this one. I think they felt it was a challenge. Later we talked about how when we have a bad day, this can help make us fell a little bit better.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


We have swimming lessons for the next two weeks, so dinner has been interesting and quick. Last night it was cereal!! So today at the store I decided to choose a new dinner to try. Stauffer's Three Cheese Ravioli is on the menu tonight along with Asian Pears, and crunchy ice cream bars. We love food, and I'll let you know how it is!


So the slip of paper we drew out said, "I'm thankful for teeth, give your mom and dad a piece of candy and go brush and floss your teeth." Dave and I agree, that this is another one of our favorites. The kids were not thrilled that they were giving away their candy, but I figure we pay for their toothbrushes, floss, and toothpaste, this is just payback.

We've lost teeth so many interesting ways, this is one of my favorite. Four in one week. We are so thankful for teeth!


One of our favorites to pull. For FHE we cleaned out the car, went and got a car wash, and then went to one of our favorite places for ice cream cones----Macey's!! If anyone ever gets the King Kone, you are my hero.

Our acrobatic children cleaning out the car.

We are so thankful for cars, especially ones that work!


One the day we pulled this out we happened to be having most of the family over to celebrate Rachael and Adam's birthday. So we really are thankful for family. We also played a game before everyone came, one of our family favorites--sardines!!

The beautiful cake that Adam chose, yes it has a big rainbow on it.
Ready, Set, Blow......
Opening presents, I thought the bags were so cute!
Adam's laptop he got from cousin Courtney--he carries it everywhere, no seriously!


I love the Riverton Library. We got a card there a few months ago, and haven't looked back. My kids love to read, and I wasn't about to buy my own library, so instead I got the next best thing. A library card. We go about once a week, and very much enjoy it.

One of our favorite pastimes, reading as a family!

Friday, November 06, 2009


I wasn't home this morning, so Dave saw the kids off to school, but before that they chose out of the thankful jar. I came home to chocolate on my pillow and a load of laundry done. It was a great day. I really liked this one, but I also am thankful for my own mother. Not only does she live right down the street from me, but my kids get to know their grandma really well. Aren't
moms great!


Our kids have 5 cousins that they love and adore. We are so thankful for them, and for their examples. When our kids went to North Carolina this summer we were able to reconnect with three of them, and they all had a blast. This year we added two more cousins, and the kids are excited to meet one of them, finally, this winter.

Courtney and Alyssa--the girl cousins!!
Jordan, the oldest cousin, and so creative! Can you tell who he is sitting on?
Andrew--our closest cousin. We get to play with him a lot, and he is a lot of fun!
Ryan--we decided he looks a bit like Adam here. We get to meet Ryan, personally, in December, when they fly out. We're so excited!! We are so grateful for cousins.


One of the things I love about Utah is you truly get to enjoy every single season. I'm even more grateful that in the month of November, we are still enjoying a fairly warm fall. This one was perfect to pick out of the jar, as we were able to go outside, take a walk, and think about how grateful we are for the four seasons.

Our jar, isn't it precious!
The tree outside that has already lost all of it's leaves. I guess you could pick them up, glue them on a paper, and make a Mona Leafa!!
Our walk around the neighborhood. Can you believe this was taken in November in Utah!! Love the blue sky!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


It didn't take me long to find a good picture to post of Dave, the trick was in deciding which one of the many to let you enjoy. I only chose one, but it's a gem!! I could have shown you how he makes pancakes and shakes, how he let the kids jump on him, how he reads to the kids, how he gives me flowers, or how he just enjoys life. But instead you just get a carefree picture of him. We are so thankful for our dads, and I'm so thankful for an awesome husband--Oh the Joy!

Dave wanted me to share that he feels he looks like a tired old man in this picture.

Monday, November 02, 2009


We drew out of the jar today, and looked what we pulled. We are so thankful for our sister. How appropriate as today happens to be Rachael's birthday. She is all of 11. She is such a wonderful example to all of us, and we're so blessed to have this choice spirit in our home. We love you Rachael.

Jacob holding up the piece of paper we grabbed.
Our little girl five year ago.

This morning. Her first picture as an 11 year old. AHHHHH!! This is the conversation Dave had with her last night: R--"Remember when I was a kid and had so much time. I could watch tv for two hours, or just sit and read. Now I'm old and I don't have much time at all." Welcome to the club kid!!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

I'm Thankful For.....

For FHE tonight we started a new family tradition. We have a 'thankful jar' that we will be doing once a day this month. I got it off the internet, and it has 28 things to be thankful for, and how we can show our appreciation. I rolled them up into scrolls and stuck them in a jar. Adam picked our first scroll, and I felt what he picked was very fitting--"I'm Thankful for Pies, Make someone a pie." I put this on our blog, so we can be held somewhat accountable. And yes we will enjoying one of those pies!!

Busy in the kitchen taste testing and stirring.
The Apple pie before.
All the pies after, one apple, one dutch apple, and one chocolate. Hmmm now who will get our pies?

What are You Going to be on Halloween Night?

Our Halloween was great fun!! This is one of Dave's and my favorite holidays, because all we do is eat, I mean, hand out candy. This year Jef took the kids out on the town, as he has done since my family has moved here. I love my brother!! Mary came along for the first little while, and the kids were able to trick-or-treat to their hearts content. They were home by 8:00 and eating candy by 8:01.

The action shot, we do one of these every year!!
Our Who from Whoville.
A knight in shining armor, who kept telling me he looked ridikolous (yes this is how he said it)
The mighty magician, thank you grandma for making the cape!
Jango Fett

Monday, October 26, 2009

I Spy

It's true I am the best hider in the house. I hide presents like nobody's business!! Only problem is, I'm so good, I even forget where they are hidden. It happened again...I lost another present. First it was the Narnia movie for Christmas. I hid that one so well I actually went out and bought a second copy, knowing I would probably not find it in time. I didn't, but I did eventually find it. I had hidden it with all our movies we watch (I mean really where else do you hide a movie?). Then there was Dave's father's day present--a belt. Classic really--hidden in his clothes. I mean isn't that obvious? I did find that present in time, but not before tearing apart the whole house. Well the most recent adventure was Adam's present. It's his birthday in two weeks, and I bought him the coolest Millenium Falcon for Galatic Heroes. It's pretty big too!! So you would think I would be able to find that one. Well I looked in all of my usual places, my closet, the laudry room, the van (yeah I hide presents in there because I've found the kids don't usually turn around in their seats and look in the back), even in Rachael's room (here's to hoping). Well I was stumped. There aren't many places to hide a big present. Finally Rachael asked if I had looked in Dad's office. Guess what? I totally hid it down there underneath the Star Wars blanket to remind me of the Star Wars thing hidden there. It has been found, it has been wrapped, he will be so excited to unwrap it. Now if only I could find................

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Basement, check!

We're pretty much done. We have light fixtures, electrical outlets, and smoke detectors left, and then we're done. It's so exciting. Dave promises Rach that this will be done by her birthday, we'll see!! Rach chose her paint color, and we are currently redoing the boys colors upstairs. Pictures will follow eventually. So for all those people who would love to come visit, hint hint--(I'm referring to those from North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Oregon, and California) we have plenty of space. So fun!!

Rach's paint color. She loves the aqua, and has put lime green and purple baskets in the closet.
The Beautiful tile, and comfortable carpet. With all the open space the kids have enjoyed bringing ALL their toys down here to play!
The stairs, hall closet, and eventually I'll get a picture up of the lovely game closet!
Love the light down here. So bright!

Huge News!!

Dave is done. His last day of employment with his previous company was August 31. It was a great seven years, but he and his friend decided to jump, and start their own company. He has been so much happier being his own boss, and we've been thrilled to have Dad right downstairs if there is a major emergency. (which, so far, has only happened when there are mice running around in the kitchen--true story) Hooray for our dad and husband, we are so proud and excited for him! As a true fan would say, Gooooooooo Dave!!!

The beautiful tie one of our children made for him.

First Day of School

Our first day of school started on August 18th. We had such a short summer, I was a little bit sad to see the kids go. I'm still sad to see them march out the door every day, and not have them near me to play with and talk too. Alright, I also miss the free clean-up service. Our house was so much cleaner in the summer, sad times, sad times.