Friday, October 31, 2008


One of our favorite places to be on a warm fall afternoon. Of course no visit to BYU is complete without some wonderful Creamery ice cream. It was a nail biter, but we did manage to pull out a win. The kid's favorite part was running around in the parking lot and hiding among the cars.

The stadium, I love the atmosphere here.

Playing tag.

What a cute little cougar

Rachael scoping out the person who was 'it'.
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The New Nose Wiper

Just in time for cold season, I thought this was cute. Rachael came to dinner with kleenex wrapped around her wrist.
M: "is that your new nose wiper."
R: "Yeah mom it is."
M: "Really?"
R: "No, I sprained my wrist and made my own cast. You put real casts on when you break things, so I though if it's just sprained I could make my own and it would feel better."
M: "Does it feel better?"
R: "No, not really."

The cast.

The wrist that was sprained.

She mentioned that she couldn't really find any glue to glue it together, so she used tape instead.
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The 'Sweet' Tooth

Did I mention a few of my children are hoarders. Last week we were cleaning out the Halloween buckets. We dump all the candy we get all year into them, and that's where they get treats for after lunch. Well Naters is notorious for hoarding. We seperated it into piles and just looked. I tried to throw some away because I'm sure it's two years old, but there was another certain grown-up who would not let me. I warned him that this might be a mistake as some of that candy is really old. He would not listen, if it belongs to a child we can not throw it away. (and I wonder where Nathan gets his hoarding tendencies) So we came up with the next best thing and let Nate open a candy shop for his siblings. Well they were thrilled and Nathan was able to sell things off for pennies. Rachael was so excited because she bought 10 star bursts for twenty cents. So we told them they could eat some. As Rachael bit down she started screaming. She was running around the house screaming and crying and I couldn't get her to calm down. Finally she ran over to me, opened her mouth and I saw the starburst, stuck to a tooth that was almost all the way out. The starburst had been so hard that when she had tried to open her mouth after biting down, the tooth came with it. And no the tooth was not loose. Poor thing was crying, and ended up just pulling the whole tooth out. We did mention that now she would have one more dollar to buy more candy with.

The Candy assortment. Amazing huh?

Rachael's sad little face. I haven't seen her cry this much in a long time. Warning graphic pictures ahead!!

The bloody mess.

The tooth, and the candy culprit.
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Friday, October 17, 2008

And this to shall pass

Yesterday my sister-in-law was in a head-on collision. Yesterday I went to the temple and did sealings with my husband of almost 11 years. Yesterday the hopes and dreams of a BCS busting BYU team came to an end. All that was yesterday.

Today my sister-in-law and her unborn child are alive and well. She walked away with a broken arm and a few scratches. Today I have peace in knowing we're an eternal family, and my kids are home with me for a whole weekend. I am thrilled. Today I am still reeling over the loss of my beloved BYU team, but we have next year, we probably won't drop out of the top 25, and we do still have a chance of winning--not outright, the MWC championship.

Sometimes Today looks better than Yesterday. Sometimes there is a silver lining. Sometimes other things are more important than football.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Mission Home

This is where we stayed. It was so nice to have a 'home base'. And Dave's family was so nice to let us stay there.

The back where I found most of my lizards. During our stay the roof was being fixed, so there were leaks all upstairs. The paint was bubbling and it was quite the ordeal. The question was asked why this was not taken care of, since they were aware of it, when the house was renovated. Gotta love the Puerto Rican construction--(direct quote from the mission president himself)

The church provides all the furniture and church artwork. Because of that I felt a little bit like being in a temple. Everything was simple and elegant. It was a really neat experience.

The companion map. I was so tempted to move things around just a little, and apparently sometimes the missionaries do. They also have the companionship photos. Every once in a while you will find a picture of a girl, with a picture of a boy. Some missionaries idea of a funny joke (and I thought it was a little funny too when the mission president's wife found it that way while we were there)

Us playing cards in the mission home. That's right folks, we pulled out those face cards and went to town!!
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Old San Juan

I felt like I was in Spain with the architecture, and cobblestone roads. This was a place that I would be very much at home in. It had quaint little shops and a little bakery we visited for breakfast.

I was very impressed with the bright colors.

I loved all the balconies.

The fort El Morro that we visited. We actually visited two forts, and this is the second one. That is the long road up to the front of the fort.

The sign by this little tunnel said the soliders used this to "scurry" down to shoot at those coming to take over the fort.
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The Beaches

The Beaches were beautiful. We went to them a couple of days, and even tried some snorkeling. The water was so blue, and warm. I love it when the water is warm, although I will admit I'm not a big fan of the salt.

Me findng a crab, and trying to move it to get a better picture. I did not want to touch it, it made me shiver.

Dave trying to figure out how to put on his snorkeling gear. A very funny scene.

This beach was actually called 'The Steps' and now we know why.

Again that beautiful blue water.
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Bio Bay

I actually didn't get any pictures of Bio Bay, it was too dark. It was a bay that you swam in at night, and the living organisms in it glowed. I liken it to swimming in a bunch of glow sticks. It was one of my absolute favorite things about Puerto Rico that we did. What I do have though are fabulous pictures of the hotel? that we stayed at. Okay it was really this room that was about 12x13, and luckily came with a bathroom. It was so bright, and authentic. The door opened right into the outside, and we could step out and talk to the chickens.

I can now tell what Purple and Yellow look like together should I ever do a room like this.

Notice the artwork on the walls

Our balcony. I know it seems I am mocking, but I really did love the cosy quarters. One last mention on our way to bio bay, in the middle of the night, we went through some dense woods. I really felt I was in a movie where people were going to jump out at you and rob you at gun point. That would be my imagination running wild.
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El Yunque

I always wondered how photographers got such amazing pictures. Well I'm no photographer, but I am amazed at the beauty of the rain forest. I felt like I had been transplanted right back to Oregon, except for the fact that it was so muggy!!

Melanie, Ben, Dave, and I enjoying a sweeping view of the valley

It just looks so magical here. By the way every sign we encountered said ten more minutes until the end. After about an hour, we did finally reach our destination

I loved the big ferns and trees.

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Animals among us

This is the first in a long line of blogs about our amazing trip to Puerto Rico. I really hope you don't get too bored with everything. I tried to wade through and pick out the most exciting pictures. This is a taste of what roamed free through out our trip.

These little lizards were everywhere. When I would go sit on the back porch I would move the pillows of the chairs to make sure I wasn't sitting on any. We found one in our bedroom the first night, and left the windows closed after that. I was not about to sleep with the Lizards.

Amazing what you find in the rain forest.

These horses were roaming free all over Vieques, a little island off of Puerto Rico. We were at the beach and they just came on out.

What we had for lunch that day--just kidding. Although this rooster woke us up that morning.
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Creative Trouble

It is a known fact that my children rarely get into serious trouble. However when it happens, I am fascinated by their creativity, i.e. Adam sitting in the sugar. It always surprises me how the word think, never enters their vocabulary when they do something that absolutely leaves me speechless. Nathan and a neighbor boy, who will remain nameless, but it starts with a G and ends with unner, were having a wonderful time upstairs. I heard the laughing and running, but didn't think much of it. Imagine my surprise when I went upstairs and found two completely covered in pink, boys. These pictures really don't do him justice as it was an afterthought. I was just in shock, "What were you doing?" "We were just playing at who could get away from the marker the fastest." Everything was covered, and it wasn't until I said, "Who knows if we will be able to get this off. You might have to go to school with a pink face," that they realized what the repurcussions would be. I told them they really should have thought of doing blue instead.

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What's Your Talent?

I got a couple of phone calls this week asking about the talents of my children. The primary lesson was on talents, and this was one of the suggestions for the teachers. Nathan's teacher, instead had them write some of their talents.
I asked, "So did you write Gymnastics?"
Nathan, "No".
Mom, "Did you write play the paino?"
Nathan, "No."
Perplexed, I asked, "well what did you write?"
Nathan "Copy my uncles."
Mom, "Copy your uncles?"
Nathan, "Yeah you know I can do the things they do, like the eyebrow thing." Yes that is one of Nathan's talents, he can make his eyebrows do the wave--just like his Uncle Ken. Ask him sometime, and he will gladly show you his talent!!
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Friday, October 03, 2008

Look Mom Same Tie

A New Game

So General Conference is coming up, and we are so excited for the bingo game!! But I do have to tell you about our most entertaining moment last year. We have the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve hanging on our wall (just the pictures). Many of you have seen it, if you have been over. When someone comes up to the pulpit we try to guess who it is before the name flashes up. The kids really get into it, and I'm proud to say, recognize quite a few. This has helped Dave and I as well. Last year, Elder Bednar walked up to the pulpit. Now he's one of our favorites because he's one of the newest ones. He also happens to have a cool first name. As he gets up there one of the kids exclaims, "Look mom, he's wearing the same tie as in his picture." Sure enough it was exactly the same. So my challenge to you, get some of those pictures and see if any of them are wearing the same tie. I do want to make a note if I saw Elder Packer wearing the same tie, I would send him a new one. That thing would have to be a good 10 years old!!!