Monday, September 22, 2008

It's a disease

So Halloween is fast approaching and I thought I would give everyone something to giggle about, or wonder at. Did I mention my kids are a lot like me in not many good ways?! Last year we bought wonderful candy for our trick-or-treaters. I had it in a bowl a few days early (because I'm like that). Well it was Sunday the kids needed something to do. Hey, they thought, let's organize the candy. Not just organize the candy, but count it, put it in nice piles, and make a bar graph that shows the amount of each candy that we have.

Jake, making sure things are in their place.

The end result of all their hard work. Notice the laffy taffy pattern. 3 pinks, 1 yellow in one row, and then an all pink row.

The nice neat stack of nerds. And yes I couldn't be prouder!!
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Thursday, September 18, 2008


I'm amazed at all the wildlife we still have here. Despite the bug people always coming around and wanting to spray something, these little bugs survive. My kids love finding new creepy-crawlies to 'bug' (sorry couldn't resist) Here is the latest, and I have to say whoever took this picture, the detail is prefection!!
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Our new cabin

We got new toys, well really April was kind to donate to my children what she didn't want to take with her. They set up shop in the backyard, invited the neighborhood, and went to town. I believe some architectural skills do run in the family wouldn't you say?!

Nate took the lead and directed traffic, or more he was the oldest and bossed everyone around.

AJ determined to have a window in the loft.

Nate fixing part of the block--a little OCD might run in the family too. Who really needs to clean a block when you are playing with them outside?

Eventually they did get it all together and had a lovely afternoon, I'm sure, brainstorming about their next project. Go mini Bob the Builders!!
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Wind Part 3

Seriously as if we had nothing left to blow over. First it was our beloved tree. The biggest tree on our whole street came crashing down one evening due to wind. Next it was the brand new swing set that Dave took hours to put up. By the time the wind was done it was pieces of firewood. And now the latest to fall victim to this wind.

While we were waiting for the mailbox to be fixed we saw the mailman come. I told one of the kids to run out there and pretend to be a mailbox, maybe they would get the mail. No one appreciated that humor

It has been fixed since, and we're determined to pervail

Bruecks-0 Wind-3
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School Starts

Just my cuties on their first day of school. None of us were excited for them to go, but at least we know they had fun this summer. I love the uniforms, don't you?

AJ started his first day a couple of weeks later. He is in Miss Stacie's class and will tell you his favorite part is that she has a slide right in her classroom. She also has a castle outside that he sometimes gets to go in.
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