Monday, December 31, 2007

Hello all. After a long hiatus from blogging we're back and you can now watch for updates. I will post more later, but for now just know we are all doing well and are still living in Utah. Both Jennie's and Dave's families have moved close by with a few exceptions, and the kids are having a wonderful time getting to know everyone. Have a great day!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

How do these things work anyway. You put a duck in at one end and use the pump to make it go to the other. Then you use the pump on the other side to move the duck back. Why would anyone think this was something
fun a kid would want to do? Posted by Picasa
Our Halloween Team

Ladies and Gentlemen, it has come to our attention that wild things are running rampant in the streets. Please be aware that Indians, Dogs, Witches, and their black cats are slowly taking over this Halloween night. Each has a mission to accomplish as they carry around orange globes. They have been trained to act sweet and cute, so people may be fooled into giving them the best in their sugary sweet assortment. Be mindful though that their may be alterior motives to these creatures in the dark. It has been said that waiting for them at home are the teachers of these creatures, to confiscate the goods, and take advantage of the wild things. The real question is who exactly is Halloween for? Posted by Picasa
Fall Football

Here's Nate doing his football thing. He was a natural and we feel he has linebacker appeal. Talent is his middle name, and as you can see, he was quite adept at getting the job done. Adam wanted so badly to partake in the activities that I have vowed to sign him up for next year. I see him being the next great wide receiver. He's got great hands. Every week they had several stations to go too. Nathan learned how to kick, punt, throw, and catch. For the last 15 minutes they would have scrimmages. His favorite part was throwing the ball, and getting those now and later's at the end of class.

Nathan waiting for the ball to come to him on his count. He has excellent form don't you think?

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Thanksgiving Point in October!!

Can I just say sorry it has taken me so long to update us, but we've been having tons of fun. This trip was quite entertaining. Grandpa came along and we decided to try out the corn maze. We all piled in the car and headed towards our destination. Once there we had an unexpected surprise. (not a good one) Nathan had decided he didn't need shoes. Dave and I weren't sure what to do, since neither one of us was going to carry around a 4-year-old all day. Dave and Nate ended up making a trip to Walmart which was closer than our home, and the rest of us played on the other activities. Notice Nathan is mysteriously absent in almost all photos.

Taking a ride on the cowbell express. Each car was appropriately named.

Jumping on the inflatable big thing. There were a bunch of college students on here and they thought it was great fun to get the kids as high as possible. The kids loved it.

Finally Nathan gets to enjoy some of the activities. He did get to go in the actual corn maze. They said don't cut across, but we ended up doing that several times anyway. At one point we had to slide down a slide to get to the other side. The slide was quite slick and low to the ground. Grandpa ended up on the ground when his turn came. Everyone had a good laugh over that one. Posted by Picasa