Monday, November 06, 2006

Aren't they Cute When They are Sleeping?!

Not anymore. Although this is a cute picture of Nate. A few days ago I had the worst scare of my life. Adam decided to disappear. Panic and hysterics ensued and I became useless in the manhunt for Adam. All the neighbors turned out and the first place they all looked was the house. Not only did he have a history of running away and hiding, but of also falling asleep in those weird places. Of course I had already torn the house apart, dumped beds and boxes on the floor, check the washer and dryer, moved couches and chairs, but all to no avail. After a half an hour of fruitless searching it was I who finally found him underneath our computer desk tucked behind a computer and a laptop. I had knelt down and caught a glimpse of his tiny bums in the air. I was in such shock that I just walked away. Later he woke up and I picked him up and told him he had scared us. He said mom I was just asleep how did I scare you. How do you explain to a two-year old not to fall asleep anywhere except in their own bed? Posted by Picasa