Thursday, October 12, 2006

Final Sale!!!

Want to know the best part about closing on a house? The basket of goodies you get for free. If this is the payment I get for watching over houses when they close sign me up for a lifetime!!! My parents finally closed on their house a couple of weeks ago. I had to run in and pick up the keys for them, and this was waiting for me. Thrilled I immediately took a picture and sent it to them expressing my thanks for this lovely basket of goodies. Imagine the phone call I received and the whining that ensued because obviously I could save this for them when they came down. Sadly not all of it made it over to their new abode. So mom, dad thanks for the salsa and chips, the good and plenty, and the homemade jam. It was delicious. Posted by Picasa
Nate's 1st Day

It really happened, Nathan started preschool. Isn't he darling in his cool outfit and matching school bag. His teacher made the bag for him. He was thrilled on his first day because he was the first one to bring snacks to school. Pays to have your last name start with a 'B'. When I asked him what he learned he told me, the slide was closed, the sand box was closed, and everything else that was closed. He also told me he needed to wear a red shirt to his field trip. He has had homework, and loved every minute of it. He mentioned that he has a new best friend, but he doesn't remember his name. Posted by Picasa