Monday, November 06, 2006

Aren't they Cute When They are Sleeping?!

Not anymore. Although this is a cute picture of Nate. A few days ago I had the worst scare of my life. Adam decided to disappear. Panic and hysterics ensued and I became useless in the manhunt for Adam. All the neighbors turned out and the first place they all looked was the house. Not only did he have a history of running away and hiding, but of also falling asleep in those weird places. Of course I had already torn the house apart, dumped beds and boxes on the floor, check the washer and dryer, moved couches and chairs, but all to no avail. After a half an hour of fruitless searching it was I who finally found him underneath our computer desk tucked behind a computer and a laptop. I had knelt down and caught a glimpse of his tiny bums in the air. I was in such shock that I just walked away. Later he woke up and I picked him up and told him he had scared us. He said mom I was just asleep how did I scare you. How do you explain to a two-year old not to fall asleep anywhere except in their own bed? Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Final Sale!!!

Want to know the best part about closing on a house? The basket of goodies you get for free. If this is the payment I get for watching over houses when they close sign me up for a lifetime!!! My parents finally closed on their house a couple of weeks ago. I had to run in and pick up the keys for them, and this was waiting for me. Thrilled I immediately took a picture and sent it to them expressing my thanks for this lovely basket of goodies. Imagine the phone call I received and the whining that ensued because obviously I could save this for them when they came down. Sadly not all of it made it over to their new abode. So mom, dad thanks for the salsa and chips, the good and plenty, and the homemade jam. It was delicious. Posted by Picasa
Nate's 1st Day

It really happened, Nathan started preschool. Isn't he darling in his cool outfit and matching school bag. His teacher made the bag for him. He was thrilled on his first day because he was the first one to bring snacks to school. Pays to have your last name start with a 'B'. When I asked him what he learned he told me, the slide was closed, the sand box was closed, and everything else that was closed. He also told me he needed to wear a red shirt to his field trip. He has had homework, and loved every minute of it. He mentioned that he has a new best friend, but he doesn't remember his name. Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 25, 2006

First Day of School

Rachael and Jacob were excited and a little nervous to start their first day of school. I was a little sad because I wanted more of a summer with them. They came home, though and talked about how much they loved it and all the fun they had. Rachael had gym on her first day, and Jacob got to go to the library. True to form Jacob checked out a Star Wars book that was quite thick. When I asked him if he was going to read it during his 20 min. a day he said, "Mom I can't read that, it's too hard." So I asked him why he even bothered to check it out. He looked at me as if I wasn't the brightest kid on the block and said, "because it's Star Wars." I should have known better. Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 14, 2006

The "new" Funk Farm

This is what we've been checking on all summer. The kids love playing "house" in here since there is nothing but room to run. Isn't it pretty.

"Falling for you"

Dave demonstrates the need for new steps. Apparently these didn't set right. This is the parent that Rachael gets the acting bug from. Check out the view
Crony #1

Rachael went to drama camp for a week and performed in a play named Aladdin. Her part was Crony #1. She had some speaking parts, some songs to sing, and had to do a little bit of choreography. She said she had a great time, and we really enjoyed the play. It was set in the 1920's. We asked her how she got to be Crony #1 and she said it was because she was the shortest one. See Karen, sometimes it does pay to have those genes!!
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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bear Lake

Rachael and Mary took snorkels and goggles and searched for burried treasure

Adam and Nathan buried the treasure. They also buried eachother and thought that was great fun.

Our beautiful view from the cabin we stay in. I love to go out on the deck in the early morning and enjoy this. Bear Lake is one of the bluest lakes I have ever seen. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

When Adam found the Gift Table
he needed some space from the kid that was following him around trying to take pictures of him. This became his space.

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When Adam found the camera
little is known of what Adam actually did at the reception. At least we have pictures to prove the kind of mischief he was able to make.

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When Adam found the Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate Trouble
Have you ever passed on a chocolate treat
Just because you didn’t know exactly what kind you wanted to eat?
Follow this guide and proceed
To have the best-suited chocolate bar, guaranteed.
Save Snickers for a funny time;
And Mars Bars when you want to rhyme.
On an affectionate day, eat Hershey’s Kisses.
When you don’t want chocolate, have Swedish Fishes.

Kit-Kats are for chit-chats and talking,

And Thins for exercising and walking.
If thinking about the tropics, you’re bound to want a Mound.
Or for peanut butter cravings, Reese's Pieces can be found.
Have Smarties to brighten up a dull, grey day;
Or stir up the night and have a Milky Way.

Eat Coffee Crisp when extra drowsy
And Hershey’s Hugs when feeling lousy.
Eat Mr. Big when you feel small
And if you're lactose-intolerant, don’t eat chocolate at all! Posted by Picasa
Peter and Paige the Perfect 'Pair'

So we were able to travel to
Colorado Springs and visit yet
another temple to go to Peter
and Paige's wedding. The kids
were thrilled to be in two hotels
with swimming pools. We did a
little sightseeing and went and
saw the movie Cars. So far all
of us have each gotten married in
a different temple. I guess when
it's girls choice it's bound to happen.

The crow at the top of Moroni.
Apparently birds are a good
sign at weddings. We had an
owl at the top of the Cardston
temple when Tim and Sarah
got married.

The whole gang at the temple. Aren't Mary and Rachael cute in their matching oriental dresses and tops.

This was from the Hong Kong shopping expedition my parents took.
Along with 300 pictures.

Rachael with the boquet. I wish this picture was a little clearer. Dave I need a new camera!! Although he would say it was the
person behind the camera. Rachael did not catch the boquet,
she just got to hold it while Paige was off doing something. She
was absolutely thrilled to be of service. On a side note Jacob
asked me if he could help in the kitchen. He wanted to serve
like he and Jordan did at Melanie's wedding. He said he got a
little bored at this reception, since he didn't really get to help. Guess I should have gotten him a job in the kitchen! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The kids (Rachael, Jacob, and Nathan) spent a day up in Ogden with Grandpa, Uncle Eric, and Dave at the airshow. They got to see a bomb being dropped. For the most part they thought it was too loud. I can just see all three of them watching the planes go by with their ears covered. When I asked them what their favorite part was, all three said the same thing. Going to Wendy's and getting a frosty and a toy. They really want to do that again.